Estonia and e-Residency

November 21, 2022

I have been to Estonia a couple of time. Once I visited in the summer. Another time I visited in February. Here’s a tip: “Leaves of Grass” weather is preferable in my opinion.

I mention Estonia because I noted a link to the Estonian government’s e-Residency information. You can find the basics at “Become and E-Resident.”

The main idea is that one can join Estonia’s digital nation. E-Residency is open to people from other countries. The idea is that the business would be “location independent” and the company would be an EU outfit.

The benefits include:

  • Grow your business remotely
  • Minimized bureaucracy (keep in mind that this is an EU company within a Baltic state with a Russian border)
  • Joining an international community.

There are nominal fees, probably less than US$200, and a background checking process.

The idea is an interesting one. However, the e-Residency does not appear to include one of those “golden passports” available from some countries.

Are there downsides? A few, for example:

  • Explaining to a US tax authority what’s going on
  • Anticipating how the program will evolve; for example, laws passed in Estonia going forward
  • Dealing with litigation in the US, EU, and elsewhere
  • Resolving issues arising from payment to vendors and collecting money from customers.

If this approach to business appears attractive, check out the Estonia government’s Web site.

Stephen E Arnold, November 21, 2022


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