Bing Gaffes: Errors Made by the Softies

February 16, 2023

Microsoft does a bang up job of marketing. I am not sure the security of the firm’s systems and the ability to allow users to print are comparable. But Microsoft has mindshare.

train 1 to use

The images of commuters who missed their search express train are the brilliant work of smart software. This write up is the work of the dinobaby Stephen E Arnold.

The word “google” now evokes pushback. MSFT’s mission is accomplished. To remind people of the missteps in smart Bing, Simon Willison has compiled an interesting list of flubs. These range from errors about vacuum cleaners to a few threats to users. If you enjoy looking at what happens when smart software demonstrates the thrill of recursive learning, you will want to read “Bing: “I Will Not Harm You Unless You Harm Me First”.  I quite liked the essay. I am confident that the Google smart software team will distribute the examples to the wizardly Googlers. Forewarned of embedded and poorly understood error generation is a good thing. Too bad neither Google nor Microsoft considered the issue before the PR tsunami and the new arms race.

Stephen  E Arnold, February 16, 2023


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