Has the Google Caught Its Tail in a Digital Shredder?

March 30, 2023

Judge Donato concluded that Google took deliberate steps to make certain chat messages would not be preserved. The intentional campaign suggests that Google’s senior management is careless, forgetful, or possibly mendacious. Here is a statement in a court document issued on March 27, 2023 for Case No. 3:21-md-02981-JD:

Like Mr. Pichai, other key Google employees, including those in leadership roles, routinely opted to move from history-on rooms to history-off Chats to hold sensitive conversations, even though they knew they were subject to legal holds. Indeed, they did so even when discussing topics they knew were covered by the litigation holds in order to avoid leaving a record that could be produced in litigation. As the examples below make clear, Google destroyed innumerable Chats with the intent to deprive Plaintiffs and other litigants of the use of these documents in litigation.

Another court document. presents information which suggests to me a pattern of intentional behavior. This 19 page list of interesting actions is worth the time required to read how the Google presents one face outside the company and another one inside the company. Googzilla appears to have a touch of the Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in its DNA.

I think it would be helpful if I could delete with one action unwanted emails, text messages, and spam calls. Why should Google reserve instant deletion for its estimable professionals?

Net net: After more than two decades of wowing people with mouse pads, massive revenue, and protestations that the company is not misbehaving, I think someone should create a T shirt in bright Googley colors with the legend, “Be evil?”

Sales of the shirt may not create the buzz that OpenAI and ChatGPT has, but it is a start. Googzilla is likely to find its balance compromised due to the loss of its tail. Ouch.

Stephen E Arnold, March 30, 2023


One Response to “Has the Google Caught Its Tail in a Digital Shredder?”

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