Microsoft Moves Closer to Open Source

February 14, 2013

Git support has been added to Microsoft and the IT world is all atwitter. Microsoft has long stood directly opposite open source, but this move begins to bridge the gap. InfoWorld draws attention to the news with their story, “Has Microsoft Finally Embraced Open Source?”

The article begins:

“News broke Wednesday about Microsoft adding support for Git to Visual Studio, both in the client — so that it can be used to work against any Git DVCS (distributed version control system) such as Gitorious or GitHub — and on the server. The upshot is twofold: Those using Microsoft’s proprietary centralized version control have a new escape route, and GitHub has a new competitor.”

Microsoft has embarked on a warming trend toward open source. Git is experiencing popularity amongst the developer community. However, GitHub, a major Git repository, has experienced recent search problems. And while news of Microsoft warming toward open source is definitely good news, it may not make a practical difference to most small and medium enterprises. For those businesses, an industry trusted solution like LucidWorks is probably the best course of action.

Emily Rae Aldridge, February 14, 2013

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