Delving into Dark Data

February 19, 2013

Big Data is by now a familiar term in the world of content management and enterprise search. But while Big Data refers to the enormous amount of data being automatically generated at every moment, there is another level of data within the larger group. Dark Data may be the next frontier. Paul Doscher, CEO of Lucidworks, thinks so. He wrote on the topic in his piece “Searching for Dark Data.”

Doscher defines Dark Data:

“Welcome to the world of Dark Data, the humongous mass of constantly accumulating information generated in the Information Age. Whereas Big Data refers to the vast collection of the bits and bytes that are being generated each nanosecond of each day, Dark Data is the enormous subset of unstructured, untagged information residing within it.”

Dark Data definitely presents a challenge, but just as Big Data, it also presents a substantial potential value. The meaning that can be mined out of Dark Data makes it the next challenge to be tackled on the plate of developers. Since LucidWorks has been able to adapt their Lucene and Solr enterprise technology to successfully meet the challenge of Big Data, it will not be a huge leap for them to tackle Dark Data.

Emily Rae Aldridge, February 19, 2013

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