Liferay Supports Nonprofit Water for People

April 22, 2013

Open source technologies are a good fit for nonprofits, both in theory and design. Water for People is an international nonprofit working toward providing clean water and sanitation to people in developing countries. Their Re-imagine Reporting platform is designed to show progress over time in an interactive format. The platform was created by EffectiveUI and supported by Liferay. Read more in the report, “Water For People Launches Re-Imagine Reporting Platform Created by EffectiveUI.”

The article talks about the Liferay platform:

“EffectiveUI selected Liferay, a Java-based open source portal solution, as the backbone of the Re-Imagine Reporting platform. ‘When we evaluated technology platforms, Liferay was a natural fit; the company espouses a strong desire to impact the world community, and the Liferay Portal boasts a rich open source heritage along with great functionality,’ said Ken Guiberson, CTO, EffectiveUI. ‘The portal provides a real-time content management system (CMS) editing capabilities, as well as the ability to upload financial and program data and build custom application elements.’”

It is exciting to see open source impacting charitable work in this way. LucidWorks is another open source based company that supports charities and nonprofits. Open source is a good fit with the cost efficiency and high user expectations that accompany nonprofit work.

Emily Rae Aldridge, April 22, 2013

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