Going Beyond ETL

May 25, 2013

Traditional data warehousing, or as it is often called, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) have constituted an important enterprise software category. Now, these capabilities are built into products solving other data needs. The article, “Talend Ships Version 5.3 of Data Integration Platform” talks Talend’s new platform.

Talend specializes in Data Integration and offers an open source distribution of its platform. Beyond ETL it features Master Data Management, Data Quality, Business Process Integration and Enterprise Service Bus.

The invariable question in this area is what about Hadoop?

“Talend version 5.3 now features a graphical mapper for building Apache Pig data transformation scripts visually (rather than having to code the data flows in the component’s language, “Pig Latin”), thus making an important Hadoop stack component a bit more analyst-friendly. Talend 5.3 can also generate native Java MapReduce code, which allows data transformations to run right on the Hadoop cluster, avoiding burdensome data movement, and making use of general purpose SQL and import/export tools like Hive and Sqoop unnecessary.”

The rest of the article mentions that Talend beefs up its connectors. They have added support for Couchbase, CouchDB, and Neo4j. Now they offer connectivity to databases across all four major NoSQL categories.

Megan Feil, May 25, 2013

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