IDC Report on Lucene Revolution

July 15, 2013

Lucene Revolution 2013 was a huge success, bringing together a variety of brilliant minds all focused on bringing out the potential of Apache Lucene Solr. LucidWorks is the main sponsor of the recurring event, one of the biggest in the world focused on open source search technology. Now a huge endorsement has come in through the venerable organization, IDC. Read more about their report in the release, “IDC Report on Lucene Solr Revolution 2013.”

The release has this to say about Lucene Revolution 2013:

“The conference produced an amazing set of videos and slides presenting the best thinking on search technology. IDC analyst David Schubmehl recently wrote a report discussing why the Lucene/Solr Revolution Conference 2013 is an excellent example of the increasing maturation and acceptance of open source search technologies within organizations. In this report you will find several examples and case studies of companies and organizations using Lucene/Solr.”

Interested readers can register for free to read the full IDC report. This is just one more way that LucidWorks continues their support of the open source search developer community. European followers should stay tuned for the upcoming Lucene Revolution EU event happening in Dublin in November.

Emily Rae Aldridge, July 15, 2013

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