Solr 4 Webinar from LucidWorks

July 16, 2013

Make plans to attend the Solr 4 webinar this Thursday hosted by the experts at LucidWorks, through their open resource portal SearchHub. Read all the details of the upcoming event in the LucidWorks release, “WEBINAR: Scaling Through Partitioning and Shard Splitting in Solr 4.”

The details state:

“Over time, even the best designed Solr cluster will reach a point where individual shards are too large to maintain query performance. In this Webinar, you’ll learn about new features in Solr to help manage large-scale clusters. Specifically, we’ll cover data partitioning and shard splitting. Partitioning helps you organize subsets of data based on data contained in your documents, such as a date or customer ID. We’ll see how to use custom hashing to route documents to specific shards during indexing. Shard splitting allows you to split a large shard into 2 smaller shards to increase parallelism during query execution.”

Attendees will come away with real world examples and applications to make Solr 4 production ready. The featured presenter is Timothy Potter, senior Big Data architect at Dachis Group, a true expert in the field. Register today for the free webinar.

Emily Rae Aldridge, July 16, 2013

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