Sentiment Analysis in Search Bolsters Collaboration and More

August 1, 2013

We are seeing a lot of information published in regards to the ties between search and collaboration. As collaboration inherently relies on search, it is no wonder that these two are consistently discussed in tandem — “How Search Amplifies Enterprise Collaboration” from Business2Community points this out too.

This article discusses how social features and metadata make information more findable and thus more likely to be used in collaborative projects between users.

The author, Christian Buckley, explains his evolving perspective on sentiment analysis:

I questioned the ability of this technology to adequately interpret and intelligently map end user sentiment to content and metadata, or “data about data,” improving the overall search experience. Sentiment analysis is an incredibly difficult thing to automate, much less deliver within mainstream platforms. Thankfully, we have a method for providing a robust sentiment-based layer to our structured collaboration platforms: social collaboration. Even the search leaders recognize that they cannot completely replace human interaction (at least not yet) as the ultimate semantic classification mechanism.

Collaboration is one key reason companies are seeking out enterprise search vendors utilizing semantic technologies. Expert System is one such company whose solutions offer precise analytics using their core semantic search technologies. Their linguistic analysis capabilities enhance the extraction and application of data in the natural language interface. Collaboration is only the beginning, Expert System also has semantically enriched tools for social media monitoring, customer service and more.

Megan Feil, August 1, 2013

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