Text Analytics and Semantic Processing Fuel New Web Paradigm

August 27, 2013

Often, we look more specifically at various apps and applications that address search needs. Sometimes, it is refreshing to find articles that take a step back and look at the overall paradigm shifts guiding the feature updates and new technology releases flooding the media. Forbes reports on the big picture in “NetAppVoice: How The Semantic Web Changes Everything. Again!

Evolving out of the last big buzz word, big data, semantic Web is now ubiquitous. Starting at the beginning, the article explains what semantic search allows people to do. A user can search for terms that retrieve results that go beyond keywords–through metadata and other semantic technologies associations between related concepts are created.

According to the article hyperconnectivity is the goal for promised meaningful insights to be delivered through semantic search:

For example, if we could somehow acquire all of the world’s knowledge, it wouldn’t make us smarter. It would just make us more knowledgeable. That’s exactly how search worked before semantics came along. In order for us to become smarter, we somehow need to understand the meaning of information. To do that we need to be able to forge connections in all this data, to see how each piece of knowledge relates to every other. In the semantic Web, we users provide the connections, through our social media activity. The patterns that emerge, the sentiment in the interactions—comments, shares, tweets, Likes, etc.—allow a very precise, detailed picture to emerge.

Enterprise organizations are in a unique position to achieve this hyperconnectivity and they also have a growing list of technological solutions to help break down silos and promote safe and secure data access to appropriate users. For example, text analytics and semantic processing for Cogito Intelligence API enhances the ability to decipher meaning and insights from a multitude of content sources including social media and unstructured corporate data.

Megan Feil, August 27, 2013

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