SharePoint Fest 2014 in Denver

July 10, 2014

Conference season is a little heavier in the spring, but SharePoint Fest Denver is something to look forward to this fall, September 22-24. PRWeb gives all the details in their release, “AmeriTeach Confirmed as Title Sponsor of SharePoint Fest – Denver 2014.”

The press release begins:

“AmeriTeach is a Title Sponsor of SharePoint Fest Denver, and joins other sponsors in bringing this conference to the Colorado Convention Center on September 22-24, 2014. Conference delegates will hear from keynote speakers and attend breakout sessions. Over 70 sessions will be offered across multiple tracks, as well as an optional day of workshops preceding the conference.”

In a space like enterprise search, staying on top of the latest technology, tips, and tricks is vital. Training, webinars, and conferences are all important way to stay in touch with the industry and with the solution used at your organization. Another valuable resource is, managed by lifelong search expert Stephen E. Arnold. His SharePoint feed provides the latest tips and tricks for the full spectrum of SharePoint users and administrators.

Emily Rae Aldridge, July 10, 2014

Presentation by a NoSQL Leader

July 4, 2014

The purported father of NoSQL, Norman T. Kutemperor, made an appearance at this year’s Enterprise Search & Discovery conference, we learn from “Scientel Presented Advanced Big Data Content Management & Search With NoSQL DB at Enterprise Search Summit in NY on May 13” at IT Business Net. The press release states:

“Norman T. Kutemperor, President/CEO of Scientel, presented on Scientels Enterprise Content Management & Search System (ECMS) capabilities using Scientels Gensonix NoSQL DB on May 13 at the Enterprise Search & Discovery 2014 conference in NY. Mr. Kutemperor, who has been termed the Father of NoSQL, was quoted as saying, When it comes to Big Data, advanced content management and extremely efficient searchability and discovery are key to gaining a competitive edge. The presentation focused on: The Power of Content – More power in a NoSQL environment.”

According to the write-up, Kutemperor spoke about the growing need to manage multiple types of unstructured data within a scalable system, noting that users now expect drag-and-drop functionality. He also asserted that any NoSQL system should automatically extract text and build an index that can be searched by both keywords and sentences. Of course, no discussion of databases would be complete without a note about the importance of security, and Kutemperor emphasized that point as well.

The veteran info-tech company Scientel has been in business since 1977. These days, they focus on NoSQL database design; however, it should be noted that they also design and produce optimized, high-end servers to go with their enterprise Genosix platform. The company makes its home in Bingham Farms, Michigan.

Cynthia Murrell, July 04, 2014

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Attivio Exhibits At Informatica World 2014

June 19, 2014

Informatica World’s theme for 2014 is “The Power of Data” and what better person to be there than Attivio? According to Virtual Strategy: “Attivio Showcases Active Intelligence Engine At Informatica World 2014.” Attivio is known for the industry’s leading big content platform Active Intelligence Engine (AIE).

AIE was designed to give its users in short time spurts so they can unlock the data’s greatest potential.

” ‘We’re changing the way enterprises think about their information sources and how they integrate Big Content,” said Sid Probstein, Attivio’s CTO. “The majority of information produced today is human-created such as emails, documents, CRM case notes and social media. Our patented technology delivers rich analytic insight from unifying these sources rather than analyzing structured data and unstructured content separately.’ “

Targeting structured and unstructured data from the cloud and onsite servers is one of Attivio’s key components. It also makes an ideal way to complement for the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform. The ones who really make out from the two software are big content users. It empowers companies to use their data to the fullest capabilities and make better business decisions. Attivio is positioning itself to do something more than being a basic big data provider. The new buzzword is big content. What’s next?

Whitney Grace, June 19, 2014
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SharePoint Video at SPTechCon

April 22, 2014

The SharePoint Technology Conference takes place in San Francisco, starting today and running through the end of the week. Virtual Strategy covers some of the vendors and exhibitors in their article, “ Invites the SharePoint Community to Visit Booth 607 at SPTechCon in San Francisco.”

The article begins:

“ (SPVideos), provider of online SharePoint training, consulting and end user support, will exhibit at SPTechCon, San Francisco next week. From Thursday, April 24 – Friday, April 25, invites attendees to stop by booth 607 for a number of exciting activities.”

Stephen E. Arnold of is a longtime leader in search and covers not only SharePoint, but also the third-party solutions that users are increasingly turning to. He finds that companies like SharePoint-Videos can improve adoption and efficiency as they can simplify the bulky and complicated software so that users and managers are more confident and satisfied.

Emily Rae Aldridge, April 22, 2014

AIIM Conference 2014 Highlights SharePoint

April 11, 2014

At AIIM Conference 2014 Roberto Yglesias led a session about empowering users through ECM. CMS Wire gives a rundown of the session in their article, “How to Win with SharePoint #AIIM14.”

The article relays Yglesias’ thoughts on SharePoint:

“’When SharePoint is deployed well, in my opinion it is the most complete collaboration tool out there,’ said Yglesias. ‘Great examples are when it’s used for project collaboration like the one we’ll be speaking about or when it’s used for team and department sites within an Intranet. Its features of offline synchronization using OneDrive for Business and the integration into Office makes it the perfect tool for productive collaboration, not to mention everything else users don’t care about but IT does such as retention policies, etc.’”

Stephen E. Arnold often has the same opinion about SharePoint. While competitors are growing in number and strength, a well-design and customized SharePoint implementation is still a great solution. On his Web site,, Arnold puts his expertise to use by providing the best SharePoint tips, tricks, and news coverage available.

Emily Rae Aldridge, April 11, 2014

Compliance Update to SharePoint Could Shake Partners

March 27, 2014

SharePoint Conference 2014 was full of announcements, plans, and projections. Users and managers kept an eye on the program hoping to see updates that would improve ease of use and overall efficiency. One such announcement projected an upcoming unified compliance tool. Read more in the Fierce Content Management article, “Compliance, Video Portals Could Shake SharePoint Partners.”

Developer partners have long enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with SharePoint when it comes to add-ons for the enterprise, but the article says that might be about to change:

“But compliance and video updates unveiled at last week’s SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, could unnerve some of the partners on which Microsoft relies. During the event Microsoft teased its forthcoming Unified Compliance Center, which builds upon compliance tools found in Exchange and allows them to be leveraged seamlessly across all tools in Office 365. The tool will allow for multifactor authentication to facilitate not just eDiscovery but true auditing and compliance enforcement.”

Stephen E. Arnold is a longtime leader in search and gives a lot of attention to SharePoint on his Web site, He often finds that customization and critical add-ons are key to a successful SharePoint deployment, so this announcement will really up that capability for most users.

Emily Rae Aldridge, March 27, 2014

SharePoint Conference 2014 Keynote

March 21, 2014

The opening keynote of SharePoint Conference often helps set the tone for the event and signals what Microsoft wants to focus on in coming initiatives. This year kept with the usual pattern. Jeff Teper delivered the keynote, which is available to watch online on, “Keynote: Connect. Reimagine. Transform.”

The summary of the video says:

“Join Jeff Teper and the Microsoft SharePoint team for the opening keynote of SharePoint Conference 2014. The keynote will introduce the main themes of the conference and highlight new innovations across SharePoint, Yammer and Office 365.”

Stephen E. Arnold also keeps a close eye on all things SharePoint. He has made a career out of following search and reporting on its highlights on his Web site, One of the keys to a successful SharePoint deployment is being able to update and customize successfully, so staying on top of changes is essential.

Emily Rae Aldridge, March 21, 2014

Machine Learning on Display at SharePoint Conference 2014

March 20, 2014

SharePoint Conference is always a prime time for Microsoft to make new announcements regarding their ubiquitous platform. And true to form, SharePoint Conference 2014 did not disappoint. Lots of exciting announcements were made, but ComputerWorld focuses on the Office 365 updates in their article, “At SharePoint, Microsoft Talks Up Ambitious Enhancements for Office 365.”

The article begins:

“Microsoft didn’t disappoint with the new and improved capabilities it announced and demonstrated for Office 365 this week, but how well they work in the real world remains to be seen. At its SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft laid out its vision for making Office 365 a more intelligent collaboration suite via new social interactions, APIs (application programming interfaces) and machine learning capabilities.”

It is no surprise that machine learning is a big focus. The article goes on to describe some of the details. A more intuitive and user-friendly platform is no doubt what Microsoft is striving for. Stephen E. Arnold of has long followed SharePoint. He often finds that the major complaints center on efficiency and the high demands of customization. Machine learning could help improve both areas.

Emily Rae Aldridge, March 20, 2014

SharePoint 2014 Conference Roundup

March 19, 2014

The 2014 SharePoint Conference just concluded. Microsoft hosts this large conference devoted to the SharePoint platform. Bill Clinton made headlines as the keynote speaker, but there were lots of other great noteworthy points. Get the rundown in the article, “Roundup: Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014.”

The article starts with an overview:

“This year, the conference offered a wide range of presentations, certification testing, labs, workshops, Q&A sessions, and networking events for the attendees to polish their talents and to meet the professionals from various fields of SharePoint and Yammer. Tons of topics were discussed.”

The article then goes on to discuss the finer points of the conference. Stephen E. Arnold is a longtime leader in search and maintains the Web site He pays attention when SharePoint makes the news, working to disseminate points of interest to enterprise managers and end users.

Emily Rae Aldridge, March 19, 2014

Major Topics for the Word Economic Forum Predicted by Digimind

February 12, 2014

The article titled What to Expect From the World Economic Forum 2014 on Digimind’s Blog predicts the major themes of the WEF in advance of its start. The WEF is an independent organization committed to stimulating communication and engagement among political, business and academic leaders worldwide. The content processing company, Digimind, explains what can be expected by the trending buzzwords from Digimind Social’s wordcloud. The article states,

“As the business, political, academic and other leaders of society descend on the Swiss Alpine town today, we can exclusively reveal that the Global Risks talks, focusing on the global economy, are being buzzed about the most online. With words like ‘Rich,’ ‘Poor,’ and ‘Inequality’ appearing frequently… it is not hard to deduce that the global wealth divide and income inequality will feature heavily, especially given Oxfam’s recent report…claiming that the 85 richest people on the planet own nearly half of global wealth.”

Other key concepts include Madrid’s mayor Ana Botella, a divisive politician whom many Spanish twitter users have lambasted for incompetency. Besides income inequality, the major issue at hand, Iran also figures on the list, along with Syria and Oxfam. As these topics are addressed, Digimind promises to update its audience. This bold move by Digimind invites speculation about the accuracy of their predictions.

Chelsea Kerwin, February 12, 2014

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