SharePoint Training Makes A Novice An Expert

September 29, 2013

Stephen Arnold, the noted search expert of Arnold IT, alerted me to PR Web’s news on trainings: “SharePoint Solutions Announces New SharePoint Training Classes In Nashville.” The different types of experience you have under your belt make all the difference between failure and success. Arnold notes that with the proper training the chances of success are increased, so it might be a good idea for those in or near the Nashville area to sign up for the classes. If one cannot make it to Nashville, the classes are offered live online.

SharePoint Solutions will be teaching the sessions, with the first beginning September 24. Training sessions have been scheduled for September, October, and November.

“ ‘Our courses provide students with practical hands-on training from instructors who are not only experts in SharePoint, but also experts in communicating technical information in a helpful, easy-to-understand manner,’ said Randy Moody, sales and marketing representative for SharePoint Solutions.”

The classes cover a variety of topics that include an introduction to SharePoint, basic business intelligence training, and trainings involving InfoPath. Becoming an expert in anything, such as Arnold with search, takes time to learn the fundamentals. SharePoint Solution’s courses are the basic tools to get you started on becoming a SharePoint expert.

Whitney Grace, September 29, 2013

LucidWorks Continues Training through Webinars

June 7, 2013

SearchHub is one way that LucidWorks keeps in touch with the open source developer community, particularly those concerned with Apache Lucene and Solr. In addition to providing videos, podcasts, and other reference materials, LucidWorks also posts upcoming webinars and other training opportunities. Check out the latest in the entry, “Webinar: Solr 4, the NoSQL Search Server.”

The webinar will cover:

“The long awaited Solr 4 release brings a large amount of new functionality that blurs the line between search engines and NoSQL databases. Now you can have your cake and search it too with Atomic updates, Versioning and Optimistic Concurrency, Durability, and Real-time Get! Learn about new Solr NoSQL features and implementation details of how the distributed indexing of Solr Cloud was designed from the ground up to accommodate them.”

LucidWorks continues to invest in the open source community through such training and support opportunities. LucidWorks as a company is known for their support and services that surround their value-added enterprise search and Big Data solutions. But LucidWorks is also committed to the foundation of their success – the open source community and innovation and agility it brings.

Emily Rae Aldridge, June 7, 2013

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