Another Pundit Outfit Predicts Doom for GOOG

March 17, 2012

I don’t think the Google is going anywhere. Granted the outfit is floundering, but have you ever tried to coordinate 60,000 employees with high IQs, deal with legal annoyances on every continent except Antarctica, and fight off the incursions of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft plus dozens of other companies looking to get a chunk of Googzilla’s tail? Nah, I did not think so. It is much, much easier to post punditage and collect paychecks.

I just read “This Is Why Google Is Losing the Future.” I grimaced at the “this is why” phrase and rebelled at “losing the future.” I wonder if the use of “its” was spiked by a “real” journalist. The point of the write up in my opinion was a way to work the word “crack” and the phrase “roach hotel” into a “real” article. I use on occasion Latin, Greek, and French. I don’t think I have ever used the phrase “roach hotel” to describe an online service. Nice metaphor.

Here’s the phrase that sets the news and opinion piece apart:

And, as an increasing number of developers feel that Google will treat them poorly, or that it is simply too much of a threat, it’s lost the future. Yet Larry Page is even telling his own engineers that they should leave if they don’t agree with his plan to focus on a “single, unified, ‘beautiful’ product across everything”. If that’s what’s happening inside the Googleplex, what hope for those on the outside? Let’s go back to where we started: the startup founder who sees Google as a drug dealer looking to offer him a sweetener that gets him addicted. Since he doesn’t want that to happen, he’s left with that single question.

I am okay with humor, sarcasm, criticism, and cynicism. I am not okay with “real” journalists, failed webmasters, unemployed political science majors working as experts, and folks who have never managed a big operation sitting in the balcony emitting catcalls.

I am not sure that heckling is particularly constructive even when the intended listener has no choice but attend to the message. The game  is traffic I suppose.

Stephen E Arnold, March 17, 2012

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