Science Information Breaking Free From Traditional Publishing

October 21, 2012

A couple of Cambridge entrepreneurs are putting forth another effort to break science information free from traditional publishing’s grip. I recently read the article “A Plan to Open Up Science Journals” on The Boston Globe, which informs us of the project that is attempting to bring the iTunes single-purchase sales approach to often costly scientific journal research. The project is dubbed ReadCube Access and would break the trend of purchasing yearlong subscriptions, called site licenses, by instead offering individual articles for sale.

The article tells us more about the implementation of the product:

“So far, the two entrepreneurs, who are founders of a Cambridge company called Labtiva, have sold the ReadCube Access idea to the industry giant Nature Publishing Group and to the University of Utah’s library system, which started implementing it this fall.

Researchers at the University of Utah can get access to individual journal articles in one of Nature’s 80 or so subscription-based publications, many of which Utah cannot afford to buy.”

This effort to change the way scientific research is published could help libraries lower costs over time. Researchers would also benefit from this method, because ultimately their tedious searchers would result in the source document appearing, not a subscription or purchase form.

Andrea Hayden, October 21, 2012

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