Corporate Security Concerns Addressed with Intelligence API

August 15, 2013

One of the byproducts of departmental organization in the enterprise has been the invariable occurrence of competing needs between different departments. An article from Exterro, “Aligning E-Discovery Software and Data Management with Enterprise Security Requirements,” presents one of these cases where ideas are at odds.

IT security controls and e-discovery technologies, while they both involve sensitive electronically stored information (ESI), have evolved independent of each other — according to the article.

While IT security has mainly been concerned with protecting networks from unwanted access or tampering, e-discovery systems have been designed with access in mind. Different groups – mostly comprised of legal professionals – need to analyze and manage large volumes of documents. As one analyst recently described, data security has always been the ‘elephant in the e-discovery living room.’

For organizations dealing with this struggle, we recommend implementing a component like Cogito Intelligence API that offers businesses concerned with avoiding risks the confidence in using a solution already embedded with corporate security measures. Expert System has over a decade of experience with semantic technology and creating solutions for businesses that emphasize security concerns while still extending access to appropriate users.

Megan Feil, August 15, 2013

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