YouTube Release Audio Library Meant for Browsing

October 15, 2013

YouTube has seen quite a few headlines since they’ve announced their music video awards. That’s not all, however. In a recent Search Engine Watch article we learned that “You Tube Launches Audio Library, A Royalty-Free Music Library for Video Creators.”

According to the article, YouTube is aiming to assist users uploading videos in finding the perfect song to match their video. There are 150 royalty-free tracks that can be used to accompany an individual’s footage.

The referenced article tells us:

The Audio Library is live now and offers tracks such as “Drop and Roll”, which YouTube described as “angry”, and a track called “Payday”, which the firm suggested will work with “bright” happy videos. The tracks can be ordered by genre and mood, so you won’t have to scroll through all 150 songs before you find the right one for your video. YouTube is calling for more musicians to get involved in the project, so those who fancy donating instrumental tracks to the service should get in touch.”

We found it interesting that users can browse tracks by several categories: mood, genre, instrument and duration. The article does not offer information on how tracks’ moods are characterized but it seems that this could potentially be another use for natural language processing – if it is not already. The larger question, however, is how does one actually search, or query, the library?

Megan Feil, October 15, 2013

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