Semantria and Diffbot: Clever Way to Forge a Tie Up

December 12, 2013

Short honk. I came across an interesting marketing concept in “Diffbot and Semantria Join to Find and Parse the Important Text on the ‘Net (Exclusive).”

Semantria (a company that offers sentiment analysis as a service) participated in a hackathon in San Francisco. The explains:

To make the Semantria service work quickly, even for text-mining novices, Rogynskyy’s team decided to build a plugin for Microsoft’s popular Excel spreadsheet program. The data in a spreadsheet goes to the cloud for processing, and Semantria sends back analysis in Excel format.

Semantria sponsored a prize for the best app. Diffbot won:

A Diffbot developer built a simple plugin for Google’s Chrome browser that changes the background color of messages on Facebook and Twitter based on sentiment — red for negative, green for positive. The concept won a prize from Semantria, Rogynskyy said. A Diffbot executive was on hand at the hackathon, and Rogynskyy started talking with him about how the two companies could work together.

I like the “sponsor”, “winner” and “team up” approach. The pay off, according to the article, is “While Semantria and Diffbot technologies continue to be available separately, they can now be used together.”

Sentiment analysis is one of the search submarkets that caught fire and then, based on the churning at some firms like Attensity, may be losing some momentum. Marketing innovation may be a goal other firms offering this functionality in 2014.

Stephen E Arnold, December 12, 2013


One Response to “Semantria and Diffbot: Clever Way to Forge a Tie Up”

  1. johnw on December 13th, 2013 12:03 am

    Thanks great achievement. Looks like Semantria is the best in market analysis..

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