Enterprise Search Pressured by Cyber Methods

January 29, 2015

I read “Automated Systems Replacing Traditional Search.” The write up asserts:

Stephen E. Arnold, search industry expert and author of the “Enterprise Search Report” and “The New Landscape of Search,” has announced the publication of “CyberOSINT: Next-Generation Information Access.” The 178-page report explores the tools and methods used to collect and analyze content posted in public channels such as social media sites. The new technology can identify signals that provide intelligence and law enforcement analysts early warning of threats, cyber attacks or illegal activities.

According to Robert Steele, co-founder of USMC Intelligence Activity:

NGIA systems are integrated solutions that blend software and hardware to address very specific needs. Our intelligence, law enforcement, and security professionals need more than brute force keyword search.

According to Dr. Jerry Lucas, president of Telestrategies, which operates law enforcement and training conferences in the US and elsewhere:

This is the first discussion of the innovative software that makes sense of the flood of open source digital information. Law enforcement, security, and intelligence professionals will find this an invaluable resource to identify ways to deal with Big Data.

The report complements the Telestrategies ISS seminar on CyberOSINT. Orders for the monograph, which costs $499, may be placed at www.xenky.com/cyberosint. Information about the February 19, 2015, seminar held in the DC area is at this link.

The software and methods described in the study has immediate and direct applications to commercial entities. Direct orders may be placed at http://gum.co/cyberosint.

Don Anderson, January 29, 2015


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