New Age Fortune Teller Reveals the Secret Google in 2015

April 18, 2015

I enjoy pundits, poobahs, self appointed experts. I had a heck of a good time reading about what one wizards foretells as Google’s search results trajectory in 2015. Time to get in gear. It is almost May 2015.

To peer into the crystal ball with this youthful specialist, navigate to “How Google Search Results Will Evolve throughout 2015.” I assume the author will be the big winner at the Kentucky Derby in a few weeks. I know that picking horses is trivial compared to presaging what the wonderfully organized, completely consistent, and highly focused Googlers are going to do. A single horse is a piece of cake, right?

I learned:

One of the biggest defining changes to the traditional SERP in recent memory has been the emergence of the Knowledge Graph. A Google product, the Knowledge Graph is a system of information that’s been scoured and collected from all over the web to present immediate, direct answers to user queries. Since Google uses a process of semantic search to actively understand the intent behind user queries, Google is working to theoretically answer any simple question a user could input, bypassing the process of presenting links for exploration entirely.

Fascinating. I did not know that Google was working on a knowledge graph. I thought that Google was focused on what I naively perceived as semantic processes and dataspaces. Oh, well, live and learn the real story.

Google will “do” other things in the next eight months; for example:

Do more than display links

  • Show different things to different users
  • Add little boxes and areas with facts, maps, etc.
  • Do different things for users with mobile devices.

I think I have it. Now just for kicks I opened the PDF files of my three Google  monographs written for the now defunct but ever musical Infonortics Ltd. in the UK. Here’s what I found with the date of the monograph in which the information appeared:

  • 2003, The Google Legacy, results that move beyond a laundry list
  • 2006, Google Version 2.0, the knowledgebase and dataspace informed via semantics to provide oomph to personalization, new constructs like profiles of entities, etc.
  • 2008, Google: The Digital Gutenberg, the slicing and dicing of information for different use cases; for example, video, mobile, etc.

The way I figure it is that Google has been chugging along for over a decade to move beyond search. The write up makes it clear that Google is going to kick into high gear in 2015.

My view is that some of the informed observers have not done their homework. Old stuff looks new when one is operating from a cursory survey of Google’s most recent public relations and marketing hoo hah.

Why don’t you let folks who know what Google is going to do bet your retirement savings on the Kentucky Derby. How can you lose?

Stephen E Arnold, April 18, 2015


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