XML Marches On

December 2, 2015

For fans of XML and automated indexing, there’s a new duo in town. The shoot out at the JSON corral is not scheduled, but you can get the pre show down information in “Smartlogic and MarkLogic Corporation Enhance Platform Integration between Semaphore and MarkLogic Database.” Rumors of closer ties between the outfits surfaced earlier this year. I pinged one of the automated indexing company’s wizards and learned, “Nope, nothing going on.” Gee, I almost believed this until a virtual strategy story turned up. Virtual no more.

According to the write up:

Smartlogic, the Content Intelligence Company, today announced tighter software integration with MarkLogic, the Enterprise NoSQL database platform provider, creating a seamless approach to semantic information management where organizations maximize information to drive change. Smartlogic’s Content Intelligence capabilities provide a robust set of semantic tools which create intelligent metadata, enhancing the ability of the enterprise-grade MarkLogic database to power smarter applications.

For fans of user  friendliness, the tie up may mean more XQuery scripting and some Semaphore tweaks. And JSON? Not germane.

What is germane is that Smartlogic may covet some of MarkLogic’s publishing licensees. After slicing and dicing, some of these outfits are having trouble finding out what their machine assisted editors have crafted with refined quantities of editorial humans.

Stephen E Arnold, December 2, 2015


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