A Dead Startup Tally Sheet

March 17, 2016

Startups are the buzzword for companies that are starting up in the tech industry, usually with an innovative idea that garners them several million in investments.  Some startups are successful, others plodder along, and many simply fail.  CBS Insights makes an interesting (and valid) comparison with tech startups and dot-com bust that fizzled out quicker than a faulty firecracker.

While most starts appear to be run by competent teams that, sometimes they fizzle out or are acquired by a larger company.  Many of them are will not make it as a headlining company.  As a result, CBS Insights invented, “The Downround Tracker: Which Companies Are Not Living Up To The Expectations?”

CBS Insights named this tech boom, the “unicorn era,” probably from the rare and mythical sightings of some of these companies.  The Downround Tracker tracks unicorn era startups that have folded or were purchased.  Since 2015, fifty-six total companies have made the Downround Tracker list, including LiveScribe, Fab.com, Yodle, Escrow.com, eMusic, Adesto Technologies, and others.

Browse through the list and some of the names will be familiar and others will make you wonder what some of these companies did in the first place.  Companies come and go in a fashion that appears to be quicker than any other generation.  At least in shows that human ingenuity is still working, cue Kanas’s “Dust in the Wind.”


Whitney Grace, March 17, 2016
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