A Literary Magazine by a Machine?

October 14, 2016

Literary magazines are a great way to read short stories, the latest poetry, and other compelling pieces by a variety of authors.  What if those authors are machines?  CuratedAI is the first literary magazine written by machines for human readers.  Computers are presented as sterile, uncreative items, but technology programmed with machine learning and content curation can actually write some decent pieces.

Here is the magazine’s mission statement:

“CuratedAI is a literary magazine with a twist– all stories and poems are generated by machines using the tricks of the Artificial Intelligence trade. Editing, for now, is still the domain of us humans, but we aim to keep our touch as light as possible.”

Poetry is a subjective literary form and perhaps the most expressive.  It allows writers to turn words into art and stray away from standard language rules.  In other words, it is the perfect form for computers.  They insert adjectives wherever the algorithm states and the sentences do not always make sense.

Prose, on the other mouse, is not its best form.  The stories read like a bad Internet translation from Japanese to English.  It will be some time before computers are writing comprehensible novels, at least for some of them.   Machine learning was used in Japan for a novel writing contest and the machine that wrote the book, actually won a prize.   So machine cans write prize-winning literature.

However, no one can program imagination…not yet anyway.

Whitney Grace, October 14, 2016
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  1. saifkam on October 29th, 2016 11:38 am
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