Deep Diving into HTML Employing Semantics

May 31, 2017

HTML, the programming language on which websites are based can employ semantics to make search easier and understanding, especially for those who use assistive technologies.

Web Dev Studios in an in-depth article titled Accessibility of Semantics: How Writing Semantic HTML Can Help Accessibility says:

Writing HTML is about more than simply “having stuff appear on the page.” Each element you use has a meaning and conveys information to your visitors, especially to those that use assistive technologies to help interpret that meaning for them.

Assistive technologies are used by people who have limited vision or other forms of impairment that prohibits them from accessing the web efficiently. If semantics is employed, according to the author of the article, impaired people too can access all features of the web like others.

The author goes on to explain things like how different tags in HTML can be used effectively to help people with visual impairments.

The Web and related technologies are evolving, and it can be termed as truly inclusive only when people with all types of handicaps are able to use it with equal ease.

Vishal Ingole, May 31, 2017


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