AI Makes Life-Saving Medical Advances

January 2, 2018

Too often we discuss the grey area around AI and machine learning. While that is incredibly important during this time, it is also not all this amazing technology can do. Saving lives, for instance. We learned a little more on that front from a recent Digital Journal story, “Algorithm Repairs Corrupted Digital Images.”

According to the story:

University of Maryland researchers have devised a technique exploits the power of artificial neural networks to tackle multiple types of flaws and degradations in a single image in one go.

The researchers achieved image correction through the use of a new algorithm. The algorithm operates artificial neural networks simultaneously, so that the networks apply a range of different fixes to corrupted digital images. The algorithm was tested on thousands of damage digital images, some with severe degradations. The algorithm was able to repair the damage and return each image to its original state.

The application of such technology crosses the business and consumer divide, taking in everything from everyday camera snapshots to lifesaving medical scans. The types of faults digital images can develop include blurriness, grainy noise, missing pixels and color corruption.

Very promising from a commercial and medical standpoint. Especially, the medical side. This news, coupled with the story in Forbes about AI disrupting healthcare norms in 2018 makes for a big promise. We are looking forward to seeing what the new year brings for medical AI.

Patrick Roland, January 2, 2018


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