How Yahoo Made Google into a Titan

February 15, 2018

Is it possible that yesterday’s search engine giant actually gave today’s kingpin the job on a silver platter? That’s the way one former exec makes it sound when describing how Yahoo fell from grace and crashed incredibly hard. This story and more were detailed in a recent Inquisitr story, “Former Yahoo Employee: Yahoo’s Idiocy Is Hard to Exaggerate.”

According to former employee Jeremy Ring:

“Yahoo!’s leadership just didn’t see the big dollars that were in search until it was too late…”  “Yahoo, in a way, made Google the titan that it is today. “Yahoo contracted out search to Google in 2000 and waited until 2004 to develop its own search technologies. It was too late by then, Google had already become the dominant player.”

It is impossible to deny that Yahoo gave up its seat at the head of the digital table. How a company that was so ubiquitous with the start of the internet revolution has fallen so far, is a little bit comic and a little bit tragic. However, the company is trying desperately to fix it all in the third act of their story. Communications giant Verizon recently bought Yahoo. Rumor has it that Verizon is wanting to get in on the content creation front, like Google is doing with YouTube. If that is the case, Yahoo could be poised for big things. Nostalgia lovers would flip to see Yahoo back in a relevant place in society, but time will tell.

Patrick Roland, February 15, 2018


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