No Google Makes People Go Crazy

February 26, 2018

Beyond being the top search engine in the western world, Google has wormed its way into our daily lives with more than one service.  Google offers email, free Web storage, office suite software (word processing, presentations, spreadsheets), blogging software, YouTube, online ad services, and many more.  If we did not have Google, many of us would experience withdrawal symptoms.  So what would you do without Google?  TechCrunch posted the article,“That Time I Got Locked Out Of My Google Account For A Month” and author Ron Miller explained how it impacted his life.

Miller, like most of us, forgot his Google password and jumped through the hoops to recover it.  After plying the red tape, he was denied access to his account and was simply locked out.  The biggest problem was that he did not have any recourse.  As a technology journalist, Miller had Google contacts, but without that access, he did not know what he would have done.  Miller’s Google contact tried to get support for his case, but for two weeks he was given the runaround.  Finally, the PR contact came through and using an alternate email address, Miller finally had access to his sweet, sweet Google data.

Miller learned that there was little he could have done without his PR contact and others locked out of the accounts are SOL.  What is a Google user supposed to do?

The only thing I can suggest, and which I think I will do in the future, is to use a password manager and don’t leave it to chance. One day you could click “Forgot Password” and that could be the last time you access your Google account.  Your digital life could be hanging by that thin thread called your password, and if you can’t remember it at some point, it is like you don’t exist and you are cut off.

Hey, Google, please make retrieving a password easier!

Whitney Grace, February 26, 2018


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