Yahoo News: So Why Was This Facebook Story Ignored?

April 29, 2019

Short honk: I read in Yahoo Finance this story: “Facebook’s Chris Cox Was More Than Just the World’s Most Powerful Chief Product Officer.” Here’s the statement which caught my attention:

Despite Cox’s crucial importance to this crucially important company—he has been the most important chief product officer in the world—Cox is relatively little known outside the company. And while widely hailed for his personability, he’s also “difficult to deeply get to know,” according to one long-time friend. In this article we offer the most in-depth profile to date of a gifted and still very young man, who has played a seminal role in molding a now feared and polemicized behemoth.

Okay, here’s a pat on the back. Now the question this story and the comment above sparked in my mind:

What took so long for real news people to focus on this influential person?

Yahoooo. And what is “personability,” a Yahoo-ism?

Stephen E Arnold, April 29, 2019


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