Factualities for August 21, 2019

August 21, 2019

Editorial note: Factualities will not appear in September and October 2019. Due to international travel and conference commitments, it will be able to post this summary each week. If significant “fact related” news surfaces and we have access to our publishing system, we will put the item in the daily DarkCyber posts. (The posts between September 10 and September 21, 2019, will be published automatically. Internet access in some of the areas from which the team will be operating may not be available.)

The craziness factor of some of the “facts” served up in the last seven days is keeping pace with the heat wave in the United States. Our factuality of the week is a stunner from ScienceAlert:

55.1. Hours per week a female performs housework when the male is the breadwinner. Here’s a table of the data “proving” women work harder than men.


Other “factualities” which caught our attention in the last seven days include these numerical wonderments:

10. Number of hours per day senior citizens in the US spend accessing and using their computing devices. Source: Economist

15. Percent of log in attempts which use compromised passwords. Source: IT Pro

20 percent. Percentage of California law makers identified as criminals by Amazon Rekognition facial recognition system. Source: Vice

45. The percentage increase in R&D spend by the Top 100 Chinese Internet companies. The spend amounts to 10 percent of the firms’ overall revenue. Source: ZDNet

278. The earnings of US CEO are 278 greater than the average workers’ compensation. Source: Common Dreams

9,088. Number of patents granted to IBM in 2018. (Note: Google obtained 2,597 in the same time period.) Source: PCMag

10,057. Number of pages in one person’s Facebook profile. Source: Slate

293,000. Number of products Amazon sent to a garbage dump in a nine month period. Source: Verge

$629,000. Amount the government of Columbia will fine Uber for obstructing a regulatory visit. Source: Reuters

1.2 million. The number of Dutch citizens who were victims of cyber crime in 2018. [Note: The population of the Netherlands is about 18 million.] Source: NLTimes

$2 million. Rumored amount WordPress’ parent paid Verizon for Tumblr. [Note: Yahoo paid more than $1.1 billion for Tumblr in 2013.]

24 million. Number of jobs which Apple is responsible. Source: Apple Insider

$5.2 million. Amount France spent for 30,000 square feet (0.6 kilometers) of solar road. The solar road project was cancelled because it did not stand up to traffic, leaves, and harsh weather. Source: Science Alert

$1.5 billion. Amount the Trump administration has paid Palantir Technologies for its surveillance system and services. Source: The Next Web

US$17.6 billion. Operating profit of the top 10 Korean conglomerates. One year ago the operating profit of this group was more than US$30 billion. Source: Korea Times

$400 billion. The value of Amazon’s cloud business. Source: Motley Fool

1.5 quintillion. The number of calculations per second the new HP Cray Shasta supercomputer can compute. (Notes: [a] 1.5 quintillion is 1.5 ExaFLOPs. [b] A quintillion is one billion billion operations per second, or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. An iPhone X can perform only five trillion operations per second or 5,000,000,000,000, but the iPhone is smaller and consumes less energy.) Source: Tom’s Hardware

Stephen E Arnold, August 21, 2019


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