Update for TemaTres, a Taxonomy Tool

March 25, 2020

In order to create and maintain a Web site, database, or other information source, a powerful knowledge management applications needed. There are numerous proprietary knowledge management software on the market, but the problem is often the price tag and solutions are not available out of the box. Open source software is the best way to save money and curate a knowledge management application to your specifications. The question remains: what open source knowledge management software should you download?

One of the top knowledge management software available via open source is TeamTres. TeamTres is described as a:

“Web application for management formal representations of knowledge, thesauri, taxonomies and multilingual vocabularies.”

TemaTres allows users to manage, publish, and share ontologies, taxonomies, thesauri, and glossaries. TemaTres includes numerous features that are designed for the best taxonomy development experience. Among these features are: MARC21 XML Schema, search function, keyword suggestions, user management, multilingual interface, scope notes, relationship visualizations, term reports, terminology mapping, unique code for each term, free terms control, vocabulary harmonization features, no limits on delimiters, integration into web tools, and more.

TemaTres requires programming knowledge to make it functional. Data governance is an important part of knowledge management and it gives editorial control over content. It is an underrated, but valuable tool.

Whitney Grace, March 25, 2020


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