Dark Web Search: Specialized Services Are Still Better

March 26, 2020

Free Dark Web search is a hit-and-miss solution. In fact, “free” Dark Web search is often useless. Some experts do not agree with DarkCyber’s view, however. The reason is that these experts may not be aware of the specialized services available to government agencies and qualified licensees.

Here’s a recent example of cheerleading for a limited Dark Web search system.

A search engine does not exist for the Dark Web, until now says Digital Shadows in the article, “Dark Web Search Engine Kilos: Tipping The Scales InFavor Of Cybercrime.” Back in 2017, there used to be a search engine dubbed Grams that specialized in searching the Dark Web. It was taken down when its creator Larry Harmon, supposed operate of Helix the Bitcoin tumbling service. The Dark Web was search engine free, until November 2019 when Kilos debuted.

Kilos piggy backs on the same concept of Grams: using a Google-like search structure to locate illegal goods and services, bad actors, and cybercriminal marketplaces. Kilos has indexed more platforms, search functions, and includes many ways to ensure that users remain anonymous. Grams and Kilos are clearly linked based on the names that are units of measure.

Grams was the prominent search engine to use for the Dark Web, because it searched every where including Dream Market, Hansa, and AlphaBay and users could also hide their Bitcoin transactions via Helix. Grams did not have a powerful structure to crawl and index the Internet. Also it was expensive to maintain. This resulted in it going dark in 2017.

The argument is that Kilos is killing the Dark Web search scene as a more robust and powerful crawler/indexer. It already has indexed Samsara, Versus, Cannazon, CannaHome, and Cryptonia. Plus it has way more search functions to filter search results. Every day Kilos indexes more of the Dark Web’s content and has a unique feature Grams did not:

“Since the site’s creation in November 2019, the Kilos administrator has not only focused on increasing the site’s index but has also implemented updates and added new features and services to the site. These updates and features ensure the security and anonymity of its users but have also added a human element to the site not previously seen on dark web-based search engines, by allowing direct communication between the administrator and the users, and also between the users themselves.”

Kilos is adding more services to keep its users happy and anonymous. Among the upgrades are a CAPTCHA ranking system, faster search algorithm, a new Bitcoin mixer service, live chat, and ways to directly communicate with the administration.

Reading about Kilos sounds like an impressive search application startup, but wipe away the technology and its another tool to help bad actors hurt and break the system.

So what’s the issue? Kilos focuses on Dark Web storefronts, not the higher-value content in other Dark Web, difficult-to-index content pools.

But PR is PR, even in the Dark Web world.

Whitney Grace, March 26, 2020


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