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December 25, 2020

We wish to draw our dear readers’ attention to this resource: the site DeepWebSitesLinks maintains a Dark Web Blog. From ways to access the Dark Web and purchase cryptocurrency to maintaining anonymity while doing so, this roundup supplies a lot of information that could be difficult to find elsewhere. Recent articles include a list of privacy tools, a discussion of VPN services, and several reviews of specific Dark Web marketplaces. The host site’s About Us page reveals:

“My website is completely dedicated to Deep Web(Dark Internet world), Here I shared newly searched deep web sites and tips and tricks like how to access Deep web and others. first time introduced on 15 Jan 2016, and after a month of Jan, readers growing very fast day by days. My team regularly improving Features, Now we are planning to add some extra categories into this site by which we can extend our area globally. Advertise With US: Deep Web Sites Links having only information about Deep Web Links or Tor Links, This Website having more than 10K+ Daily unique hits, and Still growing day to Day. If you want to promote Your Deep Web Sites or any relevant Products or Services. We have some ad places by which you can promote you service and easily can increase your audience very quick. We also promote relevant software and service like(VPN, Darknet Markets, Bitcoin Markets, Drugs Markets, Stores and any other relevant services) by the help of features oriented review type post, If you looking any one type promotion then you can contact Us by the help of bellow given Email.”

A couple observations: the site’s operator(s) appears to conflate Deep Web and Dark Web. That is a common mistake, but one would expect purported experts to know better. They could also use the services of a good copy editor. Or are misspellings, bad punctuation, and random misplaced capitalizations hallmarks of authenticity in the Dark Web community? No matter. Those details aside, we find this blog to be a very interesting source of information.

Cynthia Murrell, December 25, 2020


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