So You Wanna Be a Google?

March 31, 2021

Just a short item which may be of interest to Web indexing wannabes: Datashake has rolled out its Web Scraper API. You can read about how to:

Scrape the web with proxies, CAPTCHA solving, headless browsers and more to avoid being blocked.

You will have to sign up to get “early access” to the service. The service is not free … because scraping Web sites is neither easy nor inexpensive.

There’s not much info about this API as of March 23, 2021, but this type of service beats the pants off trying to cook up our content acquisition scripts in 1993 for the The Point (Top 5% of the Internet). You remember that, don’t you?

Of course, thumbtypers will say, “Okay, boomer, what’s up with that ancient history?”


Stephen E Arnold, March 31, 2021


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