Ransomware: A Great Lakes of Sitting Ducks

April 29, 2021

I read “No Ransomware Silver Bullet, Crooks Out of Reach.” The explicit point in the write up is that ransomware is a big deal and there’s no fix in sight. The implicit point is that existing cyber security systems don’t work. In the sunshine of SolarWinds, I assumed there was cyber security progress. Yeah, sorry.

The write up states:

The U.S. government now deems ransomware a national security threat. The FBI has just created a task force to tackle it.

The bad actors are slick operators; for example:

Some top ransomware criminals fancy themselves software service professionals. They take pride in their “customer service,” providing “help desks” that assist paying victims in file decryption. And they tend to keep their word. They have brands to protect, after all.

What’s the fix?

Committee meetings, recommendations, legislative action – these are good ideas.

In short, there is a veritable Great Lakes filled with sitting ducks. Have you tried to herd ducks? I have. Tough work. Marketing, reports, and hearings are much easier. Quack, quack, quack.

Stephen E Arnold, April 29, 2021


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