More about Bert: Will TikTok Videos Be Next?

May 28, 2021

Google asserts its new AI model will deliver significant improvements. SEO Hacker discusses “Google MUM: New Search Technology.” We are told MUM, or Multi Unified Model, is like BERT but much more powerful. We learn:

“They are built on the same Transformer architecture, but MUM is 1000x more powerful than its predecessor. … Another difference between MUM and BERT is that MUM is trained across 75 languages – not just one language (usually English). This enables the search engine, through the use of MUM, to connect information from all around the world without going through language barriers. Additionally, Google mentioned that MUM is multimodal, so it understands and processes information from modalities such as text and images. They also brought up the possibility for MUM to expand to other modalities such as videos and audio files.”

For an example of how the new model will work, see either the SEO Hacker write-up or Google’s blog post on the subject. The illustration involves Mt. Fuji. Naturally, the Search Engine Optimization site ponders how the change might affect SEO. Writer Sean Si predicts MUM’s understanding of 75 languages means non-English content will find much wider audiences. The revised algorithm will also serve up more types of content, like podcasts and videos, alongside text-based resources. Both of those sound like positives, at least for searchers. Other ramifications on the field remain to be seen, but Si anticipates SEO pros will have to develop entirely new approaches. Of course, producing quality content relevant to one’s site should remain the top recommendation.

Cynthia Murrell, May 28, 2021


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