Clear Signals of Deeper, Less Visible Flaws, Carelessness, and Corner Cuts

June 21, 2021

I read “State of the Windows: How Many Layers of UI Inconsistencies Are in Windows 10?” I found the listing of visual anomalies interesting. I don’t care much about Windows. We run a couple of applications and upgrade to new versions once the point releases and bugs have been identified and mostly driven into dark holes.

The write up points out:

As you may know, Microsoft is planning on overhauling the UI of Windows with their “Sun Valley” update, which aims to unify the design of the OS. However, as we can see, Windows is one behemoth of an operating system. Will their efforts to finally make a cohesive user experience succeed?

My answer to this question is that Microsoft has embraced processes which tolerate inconsistencies. I see this as a strategic or embedded function of the company’s management attitude: Good enough. If a company cannot make interfaces consistent, what about getting security issues, software update processes, and code quality under control.

I want to mention the allegation that  Microsoft may have been signing malicious drivers. For more on this interesting assertion, navigate to Gossi The Dog at this link. One hopes the information in this sequence of messages and screenshots is fabricated. But if there are on the money, well …

If you can’t see it, perhaps “good enough” becomes “who cares.” Obviously some at Microsoft hold both of these strategic principles dear.

Stephen E Arnold, June 21, 2021


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