DarkCyber for June 29, 2021, Now Available: Operation Trojan Shield Provides an Important Lesson

June 29, 2021

DarkCyber 13 discusses the Operation Trojan Shield sting. You can view the video at this link. The focus is on three facets of the interesting international takedowns not receiving much attention. The wrap up of the program is a lesson which should be applied to other interesting mobile device applications. If you are wondering how useful access to app data and its metadata are, you may find this 11 minute video thought provoking. DarkCyber is a production of Stephen E Arnold, a semi-retired consultant who dodges thumbtypers, marketers, and jargon lovers. Remember: No ads and no sponsors. (No, we don’t understand either but he pays our modest team like clockwork.)

Kenny Toth, June 29, 2021


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