CoinMarketCap User Data Leaked

November 3, 2021

The IRS may be interested in these data. Many turn to crypto currency because it is (nearly) untraceable. The major website where users go to keep up to date on crypto currency markets, however, has proven to be less secure. Gadgets360 reports, “Data of Over Three Million CoinMarketCap Users Breached, Crypto-Tracker Acknowledges.” We learn:

“Data of over three million CoinMarketCap (CMC) users was leaked earlier in October, the crypto tracker confirmed. Every day, over 27 million people from the US, India, and Japan among other nations visit the platform to price-track and stay updated on cryptocurrency, a report by statistics firm HypeStat claimed recently. This data breach comes at a time when cyber-attacks specifically targeting the crypto-community are rising in numbers, worldwide. Despite several nations still being skeptical about legalizing crypto currencies, the crypto space is witnessing rapid expansion in many parts of the world. Registered email addresses of 3,117,548 CMC users were unlawfully obtained and uploaded on hacking forums by nefarious cyber criminals on October 12, CryptoPotato reported earlier this week. These email ids are now being traded on the dark web. CMC has acknowledged this data breach while noting that the passwords of these leaked email addresses remain safe.”

We suppose that is something to be grateful for. CMC insists the data leak was not on their own servers, and is still investigating what went awry. Writer Radhika Parashar reminds us this is not the first time a crypto firm has been breached, pointing to BitMEX and Ledger as examples. Also, a recent Business Insider report identifies 32 fraud and hacking attacks on crypto targets so far this year to the tune of nearly $3 billion. The same study states the number of attacks is growing by 41% each year. Ah, secure crypto.

Cynthia Murrell, November 3, 2021


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