DarkCyber for November 16, 2021, Now Available

November 16, 2021

DarkCyber, Program 23, is now available at this link. The mid-November 2021 DarkCyber (Number 23 in the 2021 series) includes six stories.

There are two cyber “bytes”. The first reports about the legal pressure being applied to Signal, a maker of secure messaging software. The second explains that an international team of police arrested more than 100 people in Operation HunTor. Sixty-five of these bad actors resided in the United States.

Malware is tough to stamp out. In fact, Rootkits, a well-known method of compromising targets is returning, is regaining popularity. Plus, bad actors have begun placing malware in computer source code. The targets are unaware that their systems have been compromised. The program provides a link to a report about the Trojan Source method. the US government has blacklisted the NSO Group, a developer of specialized software and systems. What’s interesting is that three other firms have been blacklisted as well. One of the organizations responded to the US action with a sign and indifference. Amazon and Microsoft have learned that their customers/users have been subject to somewhat novel attacks. For Amazon, the Twitch “bit” reward system was used for money laundering. Google ads were used to distribute malware via a old-fashioned spoofed pages which looked legitimate but weren’t.

The drone news in this program reveals that Russia presented more than 200 war fighting technologies at a recent trade show in Lima, Peru. The point DarkCyber makes is that Russia perceives South America as a market ripe for sales. DarkCyber is produced every two weeks by Stephen E Arnold, publisher of the Beyond Search blog at www.arnoldit.com/wordpress and subject matter expert in some interesting technical specialties.

Kenny Toth, November 16, 2021


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