DarkCyber for December 14, 2021, Now Available

December 14, 2021

The December 14, 2021, Dark Cyber video news program is now available on the Beyond Search Web log and YouTube at this link.

Program number 25 for 2021 includes five stories.

The first is that a list of companies engaged in surveillance  technology and specialized software for law enforcement and intelligence professionals is available without charge. The list is not comprehensive, but it is one of the first open source documents which identifies companies operating “off the radar” of many analysts, law enforcement professionals, private detectives, and would-be investigative journalists.

The second story adds another chapter to the chronicle of missteps by a company doing business as NSO Group. The Israel company develops and licenses specialized software to government agencies. However, the use of that software has become problematic. This edition of Dark Cyber reports about the alleged use of the Pegasus mobile phone data collection system to obtain information from US diplomats’ mobile  devices. The consequences of MBA thinking have roiled the specialized services market worldwide.

The third story extracts pricing information made public by the Brennan Center. The documents obtained via a FOIA request to California were prepared by the Los Angeles Police Department. Although redacted, the documents contained what appears to be trade secret pricing information about the Voyager Labs’ surveillance data analytics system marketed worldwide.  The Dark Cyber story reveals how to download the document
collection and additional details about a very low profile company’s technology and methods.

The fourth story describes new digital cameras which are the size of a grain of salt. Dark Cyber then reveals that
a small roll up drone has been developed. The form factor is similar to a seed which spins as it floats to the
ground. Combining the miniature cameras with the seed-like phone factor creates opportunities for a new approach to video surveillance.

The final story announces a new Dark Cyber service. The weekly Instagram post will provide specific information about Web sites now used by law enforcement, analysts, and intelligence professionals to gather data about persons of interests, the social media activities, their location, and other high-value facts. The new service goes live in January 2022.

Dark Cyber is produced by Stephen E Arnold, who publishes the Web log called Beyond Search and available at this link.

Kenny Toth, December 14, 2021


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