Microsoft: Whipping Up the Dataverse to Distract from Security Issues?

December 27, 2021

I pegged the half-baked Windows 11 as a way to deflect tech writers from Microsoft’s noteworthy security challenges. The names almost became household words, spoken in retirement facilities and pre-schools. The mantra? SolarWinds, Exchange Server, Printspooler, Azure, etc.

How does a giant company with millions of “users” respond? My first thought was: Get everyone amped over the Windows 11 release. And the “real” tech journalists responded. Big names like Paul Thurrott were not clued in to the release. Wow, surprise! ZDNet chased the ball around the cubicle. And to cap the PR push Windows 11 users cannot select a different browser. That will put some “real” tech bloggers teeth on edge.

What was the result? The mind boggling security issues have been pushed into the background. From Microsoft’s point of view, that may be a good thing.

So what’s next?

How about this? “Microsoft is mining the Xbox 360 ‘Red Ring’ controversy for profit, and that’s not cool.” Yep, that’s the headline for a story about Microsoft hardware failure. The promotion was couched within a YouTube video. Plus, Microsoft will sell its faithful and security indifferent users a poster. No NFT for the Softies? This is a tree killing, ink centric offering.

To what end?

Just try to recall that the SolarWinds’, Exchange, etc. vulnerabilities still bedevil some security professionals. Will the tech bloggers and experts cut from Thurrott wool notice?

Nah. Red herring is a wonderful dish for a New Year’s feast in my opinion.

Stephen E Arnold, December 27, 2021


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