Simple, Fair Digital Markets: Saddle Up, Don Quixote

March 25, 2022

Who knew that I would continue to reference the very long, very weird book I had to read in the seventh grade? Yet here I am: Don Quixote, slayer of windmills, a trusted sidekick, and a study horse.

Europe Agrees New Law to Curb Big Tech Dominance” explains that the proud animal and adept rider is ambling from the barn after decades of training. Tally ho! The write up says:

Under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), giants such as Google and Apple will be forced to open up their services and platforms to other businesses. Major technology firms have long faced criticism that they use their market dominance to squeeze out competition.

Now that certain US technology outfits are dominant, what’s the fix? I suppose one could dismount and paint the windmills a different color. Where would one locate a color? How about Googling? Alternatively one might consult a Facebook group. And there is the ever objective Amazon, complete with fake reviews and odd ball videos showing a functioning product? Amazing.

Outfitted like the elegant Don, the trusted source of information reports:

The EU wants to give users more choice over how people send messages. The new rules would require that technology make their messaging services interoperable with smaller competitors.

As the rider, cohorts, and snorting animals charge at their targets, will the companies be fungible. Might they prove to be chimera?

At least one of the evil entities is Googzilla? Despite its age, the creature still has teeth, lots of teeth, and lawyers, lots of lawyers.

Stephen E Arnold, March 25, 2022


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