Amazon: Is the Company Losing Control of Essentials?

April 11, 2022

Here’s a test question? Which is the computer product in the image below?



panty on table cpu

If you picked [a], you qualify for work at TopCharm, an Amazon service located in lovely Brooklyn at 3912 New Utrecht Avenue, zip 11219. Item [b] is the Ryzen cpu I ordered, paid for, and expected to arrive. TopCharm delivered: Panties, not the CPU. Is it easy to confuse a Ryzen 5900X with these really big, lacy, red “unmentionables”? One of my team asked me, “Do you want me to connect the red lace cpu to the ASUS motherboard?”

Ho ho ho.

What does say about this location””?

This address has been used for business registration by Express Repair & Towing Inc. The property belongs to Lelah Inc. [Maybe these are Lelah’s underwear? And Express Repair & Towing? Yep, that sounds like a vendor of digital panties, red and see-through at that.]

One of my team suggested I wear the garment for my lecture in April 2021 at the National Cyber Crime Conference? My wife wanted to know if Don (one of my technical team) likes red panties? A neighbor’s college-attending son asked, “Who is the babe who wears that? Can I have her contact info?”

My sense of humor about this matter is officially exhausted.

Several observations about this Amazon transaction:

  1. Does the phrase “too big to manage” apply in this situation to Amazon’s ecommerce business?
  2. What type of stocking clerk confuses a high end CPU with cheap red underwear?
  3. What quality assurance methods are in place to protect a consumer from cheap jokes and embarrassment when this type of misstep occurs?

Has Amazon lost control of the basics of online commerce? If one confuses CPUs with panties, how is Amazon going to ensure that its Government Cloud services for the public sector stay online? Quite a misstep in my opinion. Is this cyber fraud, an example of management lapses, a screwed up inventory system, or a perverse sense of humor?

Stephen E Arnold, April 11, 2022


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