Yacht Costs: One Trivial Omission

September 8, 2022

I read “Breaking Dow the Cost of an Oligarch’s Yacht.” Interesting stuff. I noted that the rule of thumb calculation for operating a super yacht was included in the write up:

Keeping a yacht in operation costs around 10 percent of its original price.

There’s not much detail, but I think the 10 percent may be low, and it certainly does not include legal fees if the yacht sinks or gets caught playing footloose and fancy free with its transponder gizmo. Then the yacht has to be upgraded because trendy interiors look untrendy after a year or so in the bling world. Furthermore the 10 percent number does not include recovery in the event the yacht sinks or burns — accidentally, of course.

Now what about that trivial omission?

I noted that the cited article does not include the bound phrase “money laundering.” Gee, I wonder why.

Stephen E Arnold, September 8, 2022


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