AI Humorously Trolls With Fake LinkedIn Profiles

September 14, 2022

Does anyone take anything on LinkedIn seriously anymore? Beyond cringy posts, scammers use bots to make fake profiles. Bad actors are not the only ones who enjoy poking fun at LinkedIn. Business Insider explains how an AI was designed to create the best sh*ts and giggles to share on the platform: “The Internet Is Having A Field Day With This AI Tool That Pokes Fun At LinkedIn By Making Cringy, Aspirational Posts Celebrating Even The Most Mundane Tasks.”

The Viral Post Generator is an AI tool that creates genius, cringe worthy inspirational advice with buzzwords, jargon, and all the spicy goodness of a wordsmith who can write a beautiful description of rotting trash. The Viral Post Generator works by typing in an activity, then it pops out a less than savory, but inspirational post.

Tom Orbach is a growth marketing manager at the Israeli privacy tech startup Mine. He scraped over 10,000 of LinkedIn’s popular posts and discovered they were mostly self-centered, even a tad narcissistic. He made the Viral Post Generator to make fun of LinkedIn, but Orbach loves LinkedIn:

“’It’s my favorite social network, and I like how positive it is, but it’s just too cringy from time to time,’ Orbach said. ‘I just think that people should be more real and authentic and think of themselves less as thought leaders and more as colleagues. He continued: ‘The posts that go viral are usually narcissistic ones, but it doesn’t have to be that way.’”

Orbach wants people to be more authentic. Hopefully, Orbach will not lose that sense of wonder and trust in humanity, because the Internet kills that within seconds. And what about Microsoft’s smart software bird dogging LinkedIn? Yeah, really.

Whitney Grace, September 14, 2022


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