Amazon: Filled with Holiday Cheer

December 27, 2022

In the modern world, Amazon is a catch-22; you can live without it but you would be hard-pressed not to. While buying a product on Amazon is usually simple, the return process is worse than a pain in the neck. A Canadian family has learned the hard way that Amazon will pull a scam whenever possible. CBC explains the frustrations in, “Family Says Amazon Shipped Fake Product, Refuses Refund Until ‘Correct Item’ Returned.”

Matthew Legault’s parents purchased him a computer as a high school graduation gift. He was excited about the present, until he took it apart and noticed the graphics card was hollowed out and filled with putty. The Legaults returned the defective computer and asked for a refund. Amazon, however, said they threw out the “computer” because it was a danger to employees. Amazon also demanded the Legaults need to ship the correct item.

Do you see where the cyclical problem is going?

The Legaults are like many unhappy Amazon customers, who are told that an item was disposed of to “end the conversation.”

What is hysterical is that Legault patriarch thinks Amazon cares about him:

“François says his history with Amazon should have stood for something — he’s been a loyal customer for years, and rarely returned anything. ‘The box had obviously been tampered with,’ he said. ‘We kind of expected that Amazon would have better quality controls, better procedures to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen.’”



Amazon is not a brick and mortar store. Amazon does not inspect anything and simply boxes returns up to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Amazon has lost revenue since the end of the COVID pandemic. The company is laying off employees.

A word of advice from the victims: take a video of yourself opening the package, so Amazon will not have any fodder against you.

The Legaults eventually got their refund when the story aired. It also helps to threaten legal action.

Is it possible that the post Bezos Amazon does not care about anyone or anything? Some more advice: order expensive products from the manufacturer’s Web site or in a physical store. Just a thought.

Whitney Grace, December 27, 2022


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