Gen Z and Retro Tech

March 7, 2023

I read an interesting write up about people who are younger than I. Keep in mind, please, that I am a dinobaby. “Gen Z Apparently Baffled by Basic Technology.” The write up says:

But when it comes to using a scanner or printer — or even a file system on a computer — things become a lot more challenging to a generation that has spent much of their lives online

Does this mean that a younger employee will not be able to make a photocopy of a receipt for an alleged business expense?

I learned that a 25-year-old wizard was unable to get the photocopy to produce something other than a blank page.

Okay, the idea of turning over the page eluded the budding captain of social media.

Will these future leaders ask for assistance? Nah, there’s something called tech shame. Who wants to look stupid and not get promoted.

Need another example? No, well, too bad. The write up points out that these world beaters cannot schedule meetings? Like time is hard. Follow ups are almost like work.

I am glad I am old.

Stephen E Arnold, March 7, 2023


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