Autonomy Discovers Virtualization (Not My Headline)

July 10, 2008

Internet News’s February 6, 2008, essay “Autonomy Discovers Virtualization” turned up in my news reader this morning. You can read the full but old story here.

The point of the article is that Autonomy acquired Zantaz. Zantaz has software called Intraspect. The Intraspect software is, according to Internet News, “the first to offer automated search or discovery in a wide range of virtual environments, including VMWare, a process that usually requires a time-consuming, manual set of steps, if it’s done at all.”

And who am I to doubt Internet News?

What caught my eye was the reference to VMWare. That company is in the news. ZDNews has a useful overview of the company’s problems here. My hunch is that filters are on the look out for VMWare as the company spirals into more rough winds. Autonomy may get some play, but in the context of VMWare, I am not sure the halo effect is working the way it should.

Oh, the Internet World reminded one of my engineers of former Vice President Al Gore’s statement about “inventing the Internet”.  The word “discovers” in the Internet News story appears to have a similar effect on my technical team.

Stephen Arnold, July 10, 2008


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