Factualities for May 15, 2019

May 15, 2019

At DarkCyber, we love data and numbers. Some of these gatherings of digits are amusing, and others remind us that some people slept through Statistics 101. Sample size? Not important. Verifiability? Are you kidding? Notice how many nice, round numbers appear. Remarkable. Ponder these factualities:

-18. The percentage decrease in smartphone sales in North America in Jan-Feb-Mar 2019, a five year low. Source: Canalys

One. Number of drones with knives, not kinetics. Source: Australia’s News.com

One. The number of head injuries per 5,000 electric scooter rides. Source: BoingBoing

4 percent. The accuracy of the facial recognition system used by British law enforcement. Source: Techdirt

10. The number of psychological tactics available to push people in a particular direction. Source: Science Focus

40 percent. Percentage of Amazon merchants based in China. Source: Marketplace Pulse

60 percent. The percentage of smartphone users who play games on their devices. Source: Apple Insider

90 percent. The percentage of online content which is “crap.” Source: Next Web

90 percent. Percentage of blockchain supply chain initiative which will “go nowhere.” Source: IT Wire

700. The number of orders packed each hour by an Amazon robot boxing robot. The inefficient human can manage just 175 an hour for a human. A human, however, has to take breaks for personal needs, eat, and think about the rich benefits a packager receives from the world’s largest online book store. This means that the “average” warehouse human boxing orders outputs at the rate of about one box 29.17 seconds. Its a factuality without verification, of course. Source: Reuters

1,059. The number of fraud cases related to defense contracting between 2013 and 2017. Source: FAS.org

$100,000. The individual royalties earned by 1,000 authors on Amazon. Source: Digital Reader

600,000. Number of private contractors employed by the Department of Defense. Source: TruthDig.com

100 million. Number of bad online advertisements generated by one operation. Source: Naked Security

$618 million. The first day loss on paper for investors who bought into Uber on its first day of trading. Source: Daily Mail

825 million. Number of computers running Windows 10. Source: Thurrott.com

2.5 billion. Number of users of devices equipped with Android. Source: Techcrunch

$500 billion. Dollar amount spent on prescription medicines each year in the US. Source: CNBC

Stephen E Arnold, May 15, 2019

Factualities for May 8, 2019

May 8, 2019

I marvel at the hard data produced by numerical wizards and wizardettes. Here’s a selection of facts which I absolutely, positively believe.

2X. The number of Huawei phones sold compared to the number of mobile phones Apple sold in the first quarter of 2019. Source: Thurrott

$5. The amount of money Amazon will pay you to place your first order via the Amazon mobile application. Source: Lifehacker

7. Number of pregnant Amazon workers allegedly fired for being with child. Source: CNet

10. Number of years in which Amazon will reach fully automated warehouses. Source: Digital Journal

10 percent. Number of Twitter users creating 80 percent of the service’s tweets. Source: Search Engine Journal

30 percent. The amount of the productivity and efficiency increase when an employee uses an enterprise search system is used. Source: Market Talk News

50 percent. The percentage of US college students who go hungry. Source: New York Times

$3,500. Cost of a Microsoft development kit for the HoloLens 2. Upon paying, one gets a “hat”. Source: The Inquirer

6,000. The number of languages in the world. Source via IBM: Medium

15,000. Number of sub domains GoDaddy removed for spammy activities. Source: Wired

50,000. Number of companies vulnerable to a security issue in SAP software. Source: Reuters

50,000. Number of vulnerable Bitcoin nodes. Source: The Next Web

277,000. Number of drones registered with the FAA. Note: There are an estimated 1.25 million personal drones in the US. Source: Engadget

1 million. The number of terrorist videos YouTube has “reviewed” in 2019. Source: CNet

137 million. Number of US adults suffering medical financial hardship in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Source: EurekAlet

250 million. Number of hours YouTubers watch each day. Source: Variety

$300 million. Amount of money invested in the Star Citizen video game which may never be completed. Source: Forbes

$356 million. Amount of digital money stolen from exchanges in the first 90 days of 2019. Source: The Next Web

968 million. The number of Playstation 4s Sony has shipped. Source: Neoseeker

2 billion. Number of monthly YouTube users. Source: Variety

4.9 billion. Number of deceased persons in the Facebook database by 2100. Source: Guardian

Stephen E Arnold, May 8, 2019

Factualities for May 1, 2019

May 1, 2019

May Day data. The folks with spreadsheet fever are beginning to bloom. Numbers are sprouting in the most unlikely places. Here’s this week’s bouquet from the discount grocery of numerical sprouts.

Two. The number of times US government officials considered grounding the Boeing 737 Max. These deliberations and decisions to let ‘em fly took place prior to the two crashes. The airplane has semi-smart software. The government officials are humans and also prone to error. Source: Business Insider (pay wall, gentle reader)

Three. Number of years a biodegradable plastic bags survives in the ocean. After 36 months the bags can hold groceries. Source: Guardian

Four. Number of people killed when a crane fell off a Google building. The crane wreck took place prior to Google’s announcement of its revenue crash. Source: Irish Independent

32. The number of gigabytes required for the forthcoming Windows 10 1903. This is twice the space required for 1809. Source Digital Trends

50. The annual alleged rate at which the Dark Web is “increasing” every year. This is quite a number because other data suggest the Dark Web is holding steady at about 4,500 sites and services. Source: Techworld

50. The number of hours people work who say, “I work 75 hours a week.” Source: New York Magazine

200. A Comcast’s customer monthly data usage. Source: Ars Technica

4,000. Number of technology companies based in Singapore. Source: Tech Asia

$10,000. Amount some Amazon sellers pay to get their product boosted to the top of an Amazon results page. Source: Buzzfeed

13 percent. Percentage of homes in Japan which are abandoned. Source: Quartz

70 percent. Only 30 percent of an ad’s effectiveness depends on the channel and other factors. Source: Google via Business World India

$32 million. The amount Hertz wants Arthur Andersen (oops, Accenture) to pay for an Enron-esque Web site which is problematic. This is a nice way of saying, “Enron-grade financial performance. Source: The Register

40 million. Number of PayPal users. Source: CNBC

102 million. Number of Americans without a job. Source: Christian Journal

350 million. Number of times open source Elasticsearch has been downloaded. Source: Elastic’s Hannah Kerber’s email to DarkCyber

$2.7 billion. The amount lost to cyber crime in 2018. Source: Government Computer News

$13 billion. The amount the fortunes of five billionaires increased in the week of April 27, 2019. Source: Forbes

One trillion or $1,000,000,000,000. The market cap of Microsoft. Source: Gamespot

Spreadsheet fever may be incurable.

Stephen E Arnold, May 1, 2019

Factualities for April 24, 2019

April 24, 2019

Ah, data, big and small, are everywhere. Believe ’em or not:

5. Number of US airports with facial recognition systems. Source: Quartz

2. Number of towns in Kansas which gave Facebook-infused educational program an F. Source: New York Times

12,000. Number of factoids the UK government added to Alexa. Source: The Inquirer

10 percent. Percentage of Americans who do not use the Internet. Source: Pew Research Center

$2.7 billion. FBI’s calculation of the losses to cyber crime in 2018. Source: DarkReading

$30 million. Amount Apple spends for Amazon services. Source: Apple Insider

1 million. Number of robotaxis Elon Musk promises in 2020. Source: Engadget

48 percent. Percentage of Canadians who would be broke if they had to come up with more than $200. Source: BNN Bloomberg

90 minutes. Length of time it took The Weather Channel to recover rom a ransomeware attack. Source: ZDNet

33 percent. Percentage of companies using open source to reduce costs. Source: Enterprisers Project

23 million, Number of people in the US using 123456 as a password. Source: Slashdot

40 million. Number of cyber attacks on Ecuador since forcing Wikileaks’ founder out of the UK Ecuador embassy. Source: The Inquirer

28 percent. Number of US drivers who ignore the road due to mobile phone use. Source: CNet

50 percent. Amount of alcohol 10 percent of Australian drinkers imbibe. Source: Online Library Wiley

Stephen E Arnold, April 24, 2019





Factualities for April 17, 2019

April 17, 2019

Some of the data facts which caught my attention. My goodness. Believe ’em or not.

0. Number of Alexa killer apps out of the 80,000 apps available for the smart speaker. Source:  Computerworld

5. Average number of mobile apps a person uses each day. Source: ZDNet

10 percent. The increase in distracted driving in 2019. Source: Road Show

35. The number of the IMDB top 250 available for streaming. Source: Streaming Observer

38 percent. The percentage of abusive tweets Twitter’s smart software stops. So only 62 percent get pumped out. Source: Engadget

48. Number of months a project lives before Google terminates it. Source: Next Web

50 percent. Number of records in Google local business listings with error. Source: Search Engine Journal

67 percent. The percentage of corporations not using blockchain technology. Source: Next Web

100. Number of pounds of iron the Titanic loses to hungry micro organisms. Source: Forbes

400. Number of people one can follow on Twitter. Source: CNet

$600. Cost of YouTube TV per year. Source: Engadget

5,860. Number of Amazon patent filings. Source: Failed Architecture

$50,000. Amount PewDiePie contributed in crypto currency to Alex Jones. Source: Next Web

200,000. Number of US government data sets available for free. Source: CIO

$4 million. Amount Goggle will pay for terminating the Google Fiber project. Source: Slashdot

$22.6 million. Facebook’s security bill for protecting Mark Zuckerberg. Source: Guardian

$58 million. Amount Uber paid Google for Maps between January 1, 2016, and December 2018. Source: Android Authority

1 billion. Number of records a hacker dumped in eight weeks. Source: Slashdot

$1.8 billion. Uber’s loss in 2018. Source: CNBC

Stephen E Arnold, April 17, 2019



Factualities for April 10, 2019

April 10, 2019

Yes, data, information, anecdata, and good old marketing. Believe these outputs… or not.

74. Number of groups on Facebook selling hacking tools, stolen credit card information, and other products associated with the Dark Web. Source: Cisco Talos

$900,000. Apple’s losses after two student in Oregon sold fake iPhones. Source: Business Telegraph

$45 million. Amount generated by an accountant by selling iPhones and iPads in an illegal manner. Source: Apple Insider

$44.1 million. The amount by which the accountant’s scam exceeded the students’ scam. Source: DarkCyber

$600 billion. The value of images stolen every day by online users. Source: Techdirt

60,000. Number of Android users whose phones had software which allowed a stalker to follow the target. Source: IT Wire

145,000. Number of data items in a UK police unit’s gang matrix. Source: The Register

$12 million. The amount Motel 6 will pay to the US government after improperly giving guest data to the US Government’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit. Source: NPR

300. Number of days since the Pentagon held a news conference. Source: National Interest

95 percent. The accuracy of IBM’s Watson technology when predicting when employees will quite. Source: CNBC

590 million. Number of résumés leaked by Chinese personnel firms. Source: Slashdot

190,410. Number of US people who lost their jobs in the first quarter of 2019. Axios

700,000. Number of people released from US prisons each year. Source: Big Think

$334 million. The amount VCs invested in blockchain startups in the first quarter of 2019. The amount invested in 2017 was $5.5 billion. Source: Technology Review

44. The number of banks “researching” blockchain technology. Source: Crypto Economy

2.7 million. Number of Americans getting Netflix DVDs via the US mail. Source: CNN

3,236. Number of Internet-delivering satellites Amazon will launch…soon. Source: Digital Trends

490,000. Number of MySpace tunes the Internet Archive recovered. Source: Digital Reader

$20. Amount paid to a person in Louisville, Kentucky, who allows a DNA sample to be taken. Source: Wave 3 TV News

26 minutes. The average amount of free time each day enjoyed by Americans. Source: Study Finds

Stephen E Arnold, April 10, 2019

Factualities for April 3, 2019

April 3, 2019

Believe ‘em or not. Each week we ask ourselves, “What happened to those students who received D grades in Statistics 101? We think we know.

< 1 percent. The percentage of criminalized money seized by investigators from the funds flowing through the international financial system. Source: BBC

2 percent. Percentage of carbon emissions for which Volkswagen says it is responsible. Source: One News Page

3. Number of stickers required to crash a Tesla’s smart software. The stickers must be placed on the road on which the vehicle is traveling.  Source: Extremetech

Four. Number of beers per day required to stunt developing brain growth by 47 percent. Source: New Atlas

13. Number of languages in which the US census will collect data. Source: NPR

21 days. If Mr. Trump closes the border, Americans run out of avocados in three weeks. Source: Guardian

30. Number of video games China’s information authority has just approved. Source: Reuters

33 percent. Businesses which will not invest in smart software. Source: Digital Journal

50 percent. Percentage of third generation keyboards at Basecamp which have failed. Source: TechRepublic

50 percent. The percentage of the Sony smartphone workforce to be terminated by 2020. Source: Nikkei

51.2 percent. Ownership stake of Google in Burning Man. Source: MixMag

70 percent. Chromium’s share of Web browsers. Source: Samuel Maddock

83 percent. Percentage of people happy to work alongside robots and 78 percent “are ready to take on new roles.” Source: Computer Weekly

300. The maximum number of search results Google returns for a query. Source: Digital Reader

1,000. The number of Google professionals objecting to the composition of the Google ethics group for artificial intelligence. Source: Technology Review

$172,222. The amount of money Knight Capital lost per second during a 45 minute outage. Source: Hmmz.org

$117 million. Amount Intel has recently invested in 14 start ups. Source: Venture Beat

1.5 billion. Number of Gmail users. Daiji World

Stephen E Arnold, April 3, 2019

Factualities for March 27, 2019

March 27, 2019

Believe these numerical wonders or not.

5.7 percent. Percentage increase in mental health problems when companies shift to performance based pay. Source: Academy of Management

9. Number of hours the US iGen generation spends in front of a screen. The Conversation

4.2 million. Number of Sony virtual reality headsets sold since 2016. Source: Bit Tech

90 percent. Percentage of Americans with pesticides in their blood. Source: The Nation

61 percent. Percentage of chief information officers who believe employees leak data maliciously. Source: Help Net Security

37 percent. Percentage of worldwide mobile traffic consumed by YouTube viewers. Source: Search Engine Journal

$479 million. Value of Microsoft’s Hololens deal with the Pentagon which MSFT employees want the company to cancel. Source: Market.us

<3 percent. Computing devices properly wiped before recycling. Source: Dark Reading

10.5 billion. Number of malware attacks in 2018. Source:IT Pro Portal

33 percent. Percentage of time that television ads play to an empty room. Source: Quartz

73 percent. Amount of activity a person’s second most used app receives. Source: Discover

$76,000. Amount a scammer earned through domain squatting. Source: Next Web

$3.2 million. Amount Google will “give” to the Asia Pacific Innovation Challenge. Source: Branding in Asia

$123 million. Amount Facebook and Google paid to a Lithuanian who submitted fake invoices to the companies. Source: ZDNet

$3.1 billion. Amount Uber paid for Careem on demand taxi service. Source: SFGate

Stephen E Arnold, March 27, 2019

Factualities for March 20, 2019

March 20, 2019

Our data rich world yields bounteous riches. Ponder these factualities.

0. Number of runaway hits among Amazon Alexa’s 80,000 apps. Source: Bloomberg

$0.14. Amount Amazon receives from each Lyft ride. Source: Twitter

30 percent. Decrease in Web traffic to Tumblr.com since December 2018. Source: Verge

33 percent. Percentage of youngsters in the US who are lonely. Source: Reddit citing a UPI story no longer online.

49 percent. Percentage of Israeli start ups purchased by American companies. Source: No Camels

67 percent. Percentage of Android anti virus apps which are non functional once installed. Source: Techspot

2. Hours per day spent searching for information. Source: IT Pro Portal

200. Android malware with SimBad removed from the Google App Store. Source: The Inquirer

4,000. The number of Facebook users who viewed the New Zealand live shooting. Source: Engadget

$5,200. Cost of 256 gigabytes of RAM for the new Apple iMac. Source: 9 to 5 Mac

1 million. Number of bad advertiser accounts Google removed in 2018. Source: VentureBeat

$1.4 million. Amount paid for a racing pigeon. Source: CNN

$23 million. Amount of the cash grant Amazon will receive from Arlington County, Virginia, over a five-year period. Source: Reuters

245 million. Number of people in India watching YouTube on a mobile phone each month. Source: Financial Times

$500 million. Cost of a new U S supercomputer. Source: New York Times

Stephen E Arnold, March 20, 2019

Factualities for March 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

Ah, accurate data. Some gems to ponder.

68 percent. The percentage of those 18 to 37 are comfortable letting smart software access personal data to improve a “customer experience”. Source: Forbes

$17 million. Cost of voice search errors. Source: Forbes

44 percent. The percentage of votes cast online in Estonia’s most recent election. Source ZDNet

2 million. Uyghur’s not detained in China, just in the process of reeducation. Source: USNews

15 million. Number of Android devices with fraudulent advertising software installed. Source: Bitsight

18 percent. Percentage of Facebook users who are teens, an increase of 13 percent from a previous statement. Source:

$137 million. Amount of money not in the deceased crypto CEO’s laptop digital currency account. Source: Business Insider

700. Number of digital currency money laundering cases in 2018. Source: Finance Magnates

15 million. Number of Facebook users lost between 2017 and 2019. Source Marketplace

18 percent. Percentage of teens using Facebook, an increase of 13 percent from a previous statement. Source: Techcrunch

6,000 gigabytes. Amount of data stolen from Citrix’s internal server. Source: The Register

Stephen E Arnold, March 13, 2019

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