Factualities for March 20, 2019

March 20, 2019

Our data rich world yields bounteous riches. Ponder these factualities.

0. Number of runaway hits among Amazon Alexa’s 80,000 apps. Source: Bloomberg

$0.14. Amount Amazon receives from each Lyft ride. Source: Twitter

30 percent. Decrease in Web traffic to Tumblr.com since December 2018. Source: Verge

33 percent. Percentage of youngsters in the US who are lonely. Source: Reddit citing a UPI story no longer online.

49 percent. Percentage of Israeli start ups purchased by American companies. Source: No Camels

67 percent. Percentage of Android anti virus apps which are non functional once installed. Source: Techspot

2. Hours per day spent searching for information. Source: IT Pro Portal

200. Android malware with SimBad removed from the Google App Store. Source: The Inquirer

4,000. The number of Facebook users who viewed the New Zealand live shooting. Source: Engadget

$5,200. Cost of 256 gigabytes of RAM for the new Apple iMac. Source: 9 to 5 Mac

1 million. Number of bad advertiser accounts Google removed in 2018. Source: VentureBeat

$1.4 million. Amount paid for a racing pigeon. Source: CNN

$23 million. Amount of the cash grant Amazon will receive from Arlington County, Virginia, over a five-year period. Source: Reuters

245 million. Number of people in India watching YouTube on a mobile phone each month. Source: Financial Times

$500 million. Cost of a new U S supercomputer. Source: New York Times

Stephen E Arnold, March 20, 2019

Factualities for March 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

Ah, accurate data. Some gems to ponder.

68 percent. The percentage of those 18 to 37 are comfortable letting smart software access personal data to improve a “customer experience”. Source: Forbes

$17 million. Cost of voice search errors. Source: Forbes

44 percent. The percentage of votes cast online in Estonia’s most recent election. Source ZDNet

2 million. Uyghur’s not detained in China, just in the process of reeducation. Source: USNews

15 million. Number of Android devices with fraudulent advertising software installed. Source: Bitsight

18 percent. Percentage of Facebook users who are teens, an increase of 13 percent from a previous statement. Source:

$137 million. Amount of money not in the deceased crypto CEO’s laptop digital currency account. Source: Business Insider

700. Number of digital currency money laundering cases in 2018. Source: Finance Magnates

15 million. Number of Facebook users lost between 2017 and 2019. Source Marketplace

18 percent. Percentage of teens using Facebook, an increase of 13 percent from a previous statement. Source: Techcrunch

6,000 gigabytes. Amount of data stolen from Citrix’s internal server. Source: The Register

Stephen E Arnold, March 13, 2019

Factualities for March 6, 2019

March 6, 2019

Believe the data or not. We believe everything we read on the Internet, including the ads, Facebook PR, and statements from any online source that presents information. That’s the way it should be.

1,600. The amount of horsepower in the Koenigsegg Jesko. Source: CNet

1,600. Number of Teslas held in Chinese customs. Sources: Caixing Global

28 days. The average life of a scooter in Louisville, Kentucky. The interval is almost as long as Google’s commitment to high speed Internet in the city. Source: Oversharing

36. The number of months Moldovan developers reported flows of misinformation and fake news to Facebook. Facebook took action in February 2019. Source: Buzzfeed

23 million. Number of times Chinese nationals with a low social credit (social behavior) score were stopped from buying train or airplane tickets. Source: AP

40 percent. Number of artificial intelligence start ups in Europe which are not involved in AI. Source: The Inquirer

45 percent. The percentage of Americans who have had a brother or sister, parent, spouse or child spend time in jail or prison. Source: Cornell University

32 billion. Number of “compromised credentials” in the SpyCloud database. Source: Venture Beat

18 percent. Percentage of minors in Facebook’s for-pay monitoring service. Source: TechCrunch

$23 million. Incentives to be paid to Amazon has to take “a certain amount” of office space in the once thriving Crystal City complex. Source: Washington Post

43. The number of patents Apple was granted on January 1, 2019. Source: Patently Apple

70,000. Number of Chromecasts seized by hackers to promote PewDiePie. Source: Android Authority

Stephen E Arnold, March 6, 2019

Factualities for February 27, 2019

February 27, 2019

Data are wonderful. Especially when each and every fact is presented without context and without the constraints of Statistics 101. Here are some gems from the last few days:

24 percent. Percentage of adults who listen to podcasts each day. Country? Sample size? Demographics of “adults”? Not relevant. Source: Chartable

51 percent. Percentage of technology industry workers who believe that fake news is in line with President Trump’s view of the media. Source: Buzzfeed

$522 billion. Revenue from global sales of smartphones in 2018. Source: GFK

$3,500. Cost of Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset. (The price is $900 more than the Huawei Mate X foldable 5G mobile phone.) Source: The Verge

1020. Number of hate groups tallied in 2018. Source: USA Today

$1,000. Initial fee for a Google dot dev domain name. Source: The Register

930. The number of exabytes consumed by mobile users in a single year by 2020. Source: Enterprise Networking Planet

500 or 50? Number of Microsoft employees who did not sign up to develop weapons. Source: Buzzfeed

47th. The rank of the US among 77 countries in 4G download speeds. Source: 9to5Mac. Note: The original document has been “disappeared.”

65. Number of days Signal has spent trying to contact Google about an app updating issue. Source: Twitter

1 terabyte. Size of new SanDisk micro secure digital card. Source: Engadget

Stephen E Arnold, February 27, 2019

Factualities for February 20, 2019

February 20, 2019

There’s nothing like numbers, opaque data about sample size, and zero information about statistical methods to make one long for spring. Ponder these outputs, please.

800. The number of people terminated after Activision Blizzard announced record income for 2018. Source: Variety

620 million. The number of stolen accounts from 16 Web sites now offered on the “Dark Web.” Source: The Register

127 million. The number of additional stolen accounts offered by the bad actor who stole 620 accounts. Source: TechCrunch

33 percent. The percentage of businesses which can protect themselves from data breaches. Source IT Pro Portal

33 percent. Success of fishing Federal Housing Finance Agency employees. Source: Government Computer News

26. The number of key algorithms advancing post-quantum cryptography. No, ah, a post quantum something. Source: NIST

67 percent. The percentage of US bankruptcies caused by medical bills. Source: Christian Journal

37 percent. The percentage of Americans who have been harassed online. Source: Wired (pay wall may apply to you)

3,000. The number of Walgreen pharmacies and convenience shops which will accept Ant Financial’s digital wallet. Source: Ecommerce Daily News

6,250. Number of serial killers in a Calgary professor’s database. Source: Archive.org

$50. The amount per computer to get security updates for Windows 7 for one year. Price doubles each subsequent year. Source: ZDNet

$150,000. The amount per infringed movie a pirate must pay if guilty of illegal streaming. Source: Ars Technica

13X. The multiple of growth in marketing companies in the blockchain sector in the last 18 months. Source: Venture Beat

13%. The sales decline for notebook computers in the next 12 weeks. Source: Digitimes

$100,150. Amount an individual paid for a sticker sealed copy of Super Mario Brothers video game. Source: CNet

$9.4 billion. The amount Google allegedly paid Apple to be the default search engine in Safari. Source: Business Insider (pay wall may apply to you)

Until next week, happy analysis with solid data.

Stephen E Arnold, February 20, 2019

Factualities for February 13, 2019

February 13, 2019

Data, data everywhere. The joy of two much data and analysis paralysis thrills anyone who revels in “real” facts. Professors of statistics, however, may not be amused.

$80 billion. The cost of poor customer service in 2018. Source: IBM

$2 billion. The amount IBM is “betting” to improve the hardware used for artificial intelligence by 1,000 times. What happened to quantum computing? DarkCyber does not know. Source: HPC Wire

164. The number of times faster IBM cloud functions can perform 100,000 forecasts. Source: IBM

$79. The amount each iPhone user spent on apps in 2018. Source: TechCrunch

$70 million. The cost of romance fraud to victims looking for love. Source: Sky News

10 percent. Percentage of a sample of “respondents” who said they have dated a person to gain access to that individual’s Netflix account. Source: Boy Genius Report

32 percent. Percentage of Canadian seafood samples mislabeled; that is, fish marked as sea bass could have been catfish. Source: University of Guelph

Six. The number of cancer types a single drug successfully treats. Source: London Economic

16,000. Number of flaws in the software for Google Chrome discovered by the science club inspired tool called Clusterfuzz. Source: Google

84 percent. The percentage of people in the UK between the ages of 18 and 24 use the Internet as their primary source of news. Source: Dark Web News

288,000,000. The square footage Amazon’s warehouses, offices, retail spaces, and data centers occupy. Source: The Atlantic

$85,000,000. The amount Google earns per day in profit. Source: IT Pro Portal

33 percent. The percentage of “news” produced by Bloomberg’s automated editorial system. Source: The envious New York Times

Stephen E Arnold, February 13, 2019

Factualities for February 6, 2019

February 6, 2019

Did you pay attention in Statistics 101? If you did, some of these data may bring back recollections about what’s required for valid outputs. Test your knowledge.

$13 billion. The amount of revenue Apple generated fro China in the last 12 weeks. The number is 27 percent lower than the number reported one year ago for the comparable quarter. Source: CNBC

$7.37. Facebook’s average revenue per user. This number is up 19 percent year on year. Source: CNBC

$22.4 billion. The amount of money raised by startups in the San Francisco Bay area in 2018. Startups in the rest of the US raised $24.9 billion. Source: Crunchbase

6 hours, 42 minutes. The average amount of time an individual spends online every day. The total time spent online per year is more than 100 days. Source: Metro

356. The number of Iran linked Facebook accounts removed from the service. The reason? “Coordinated inauthentic behavior.” Source: Facebook

24,500. The number of injection drug users in San Francisco. Source: Marginal Revolution

4.3 million. The number of times Google Play apps facilitating malicious apps were downloaded. Source: Arstechnica

267,000. The number of DirecTV subscribers lost by AT&T after a $5 price hike. Source: Motherboard

20 percent. The percentage of “people” in the world who believe the economic system is working for them. Source: Palladium Magazine

Fourth place. The rank of Iran’s cyber army in size among world powers. Source: IDG

1,580. Number of counterfeiting arrests the US Secret Service made in 2018. Source: LA Times

$17.9 billion. The cost of revenues for Google in 2018. The number is up 26 percent year on year. Source: CBR Online

Stephen E Arnold, February 5, 2019

Factualities for January 30, 2019

January 30, 2019

Numbers are everywhere. Believe these outputs or not.

  • One. The number of autonomous vehicles required to output the same amount of data as 3,000 non autonomous humans. Source: The New York Times
  • $21.2 million. The amount spent by Google on its DC centric lobbying in 2018. Source: Thomson Reuters
  • 57 percent. The percentage of the population trusting non governmental organizations. Source ZDNet
  • 90 percent. The percentage of VPN applications compromising user security and privacy. Source: Trusted Reviews which we trust, right?
  • $3.1 million. Funding Google has provided to Wikipedia. Google’s total funding of Wikipedia in the last 10 years has reached $75. million tax deductible dollars. Source: Wired
  • 81 percent. The percentage of Amazon’s facial recognition systems’ accuracy. Source The New York Times
  • Number five. The rank of Apple among smartphone vendors in China. Source: Macrumors
  • 50 percent. The number of fake Facebook users. Source: Zerohedge
  • $1.27 billion. amount spent by mobile users for the top 10 video streaming apps in 2018, a 62 percent increase. Source: Sensor Tower
  • Four percent. The percentage of Monero mined by bots in 2018. Source: ZDNet
  • 57 percent. The percentage of Netflix subscribers who would quit the service if Netflix ran commercials. Source: Net Imperative
  • $60 billion. Amount of money Apple spent with American manufacturers in 2018. Source: Apple Insider

Stephen E Arnold, January 30, 2019

Factualities for January 23, 2019

January 23, 2019

Statistics, statistics—More plentiful than snowflakes. Believe these or not.

  • 8,600. The number of molly tabs a drug dealer in Tacoma, Washington, had in his possession. Source: The News Tribune
  • 16 million. The number of US households receiving over-the-air TV. Source: TechCrunch
  • $56 million. The amount of “dark net market” transactions in a single month. Source: Reuters
  • 77 million. The number of Americans who talk to their vehicles. Source: Recode
  • $500 million. The amount Microsoft is “providing” to address housing issues in Seattle. Source: Quartz
  • 773,000,000. Number of email addresses offered for sale. Source: Wired
  • $1 billion. The amount Disney lost in 12 months with its video streaming endeavors. Source: CNBC
  • 20 to 40 percent. The percentage price increase for Tesla recharges. Source: The Verge
  • 74 percent. The percentage of Facebook users in a Pew sample who did not know that Facebook keeps track of user interest and clicks in order to sell ads. Source: TechCrunch

Stephen E Arnold, January 23, 2019



Factualities for January 16, 2018

January 16, 2019

Data are everywhere. And we know that the information in nuggets is credible, accurate, and essential for making decisions quickly. What’s wrong with using factualities? Nothing. Absolutely solid gold in each item.

One hour. The lead time a pilot has when relying on IBM Watson to predict turbulence. Now for horse races. Source: Jim Harris

100,000. The number of times spyware is downloaded from the Google Play service. Source: Digit.in

$3.7 million. Amount generated by a hacking group using the Ryuk ransomware. Source: Ars Technica

100. The number of types of inappropriate content banned by Chinese authorities. Source: Financial Times with a pay wall to make the factoid more valuable.

244. Number of secret Netflix categories. Source: Netflix Codes

$11. Cost of a training program which will teach you to do well on a programming interview. Source: Next Web

$17,164 per hour. The cost to run 2.5 million AWS HPC Tasks using 40,000 EC2 Spot Instances for  8 hours. Source: Jeff Barr, Amazon guru

48 percent. In 96 months, the growth of people viewing television over-the-air. Source: Techcrunch

Ah, crunchy factualities. Good for the mobile decision maker. Tasty too.

Stephen E Arnold, January 16, 2019

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