Wanna Be Like Larry?

Here are the five secrets so you too can be like Larry Page I came across whilst doing a bit of research. If you want to solve death and do the flying cars, follow the steps in “5 Secrets of Google As Revealed by Larry Page.” And what are the secrets one may ask? I summarized them in the table below and provided an example of the do as I say, not do as I do insights. Enjoy.

Larry Secret Example in Action
Keep reaching for perfection Google search. It just gets more and more advertising like and less and less about precision and recall
Too few is better than too many Yep focus. Alphabet Google is solving death and most recently developing super powers for mass transportation. And there are the Google products. Lots and lots of products.
Work for fun and a cause, not for money. As one of the richest people in the world, who worries about clean water, paying rent, and feeding one’s family. Party time.
Pay attention to trends. There is that social networking trend which Facebook dominates. Google’s social initiative? Well, it is aware of the Facebook ad thing.
Do good for the world. Apparently the fragile European Union does not see much good in some of the Google actions, hence the contentious anti trust allegations.

You now have the secret to success minus the contribution of certain Almaden research scientists, former AltaVista wizards, the Yahoo, GoTo, Overture ad thing, and a few other minor ingredients. Have at it.

Stephen E Arnold, December 15, 2020

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